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  • jpccarguy ·
    Hi Ken, Just a small nit to pick. I posted a message in Cayman Comp just now, and had the word '*****' blanked out. That word is a bit vulgar, but it is not profanity. It is in the dictionary, and has been in a title of an award-winning Broadway play. I think it should not be Bowdlerized on this site.

    Just my 0.02. Thanks,

    John Cuellar
    CaymanBrac ·
    Ken- As a person with aspirations to be woven into my local community of Cayman enthusiasts, I want you to know that I appreciate your work. It's not an easy thing to do to create a scene. Regardless of whether it's physical or online. So heres a Thanksgiving...thank you for the CaymanClub!
    pepys ·
    Ken, I'm sorry but I won't be able to make it this year, I will be overseas on business. I'm retiring in Feb '09 so will definitley be coming to the event nexxt Fall!

    john fischer ·
    Joining And Participating In The Club Is On My Things To Do!
    I Love My Cayman S And Have Been A Member Of Pca Bmwcca And Race Director For Pboc S Florida. Quit Racing 2000 And Bought A 30 Ft Cat With Twin 500 Efi 106 On The Ocean Satisfies My Need For Speed, No More Sweating On The Grid. I Would Love To Make It And Meet All Of You Guys For Octoberfest, Just Got Back From Havana Yesterday And I Want To Plan My Next Vacation. You Will Hear From Me More Often.
    [email protected] ·
    Hi Ken-

    Jim Dunford here, of DMC Components. Some good news; DMC Cayman Harness Bars are complete and will begin to ship worldwide next week.

    Since the last time we spoke, I left for Europe to do the LMS series (and Le Mans 24 hr.) with our Muscle Milk sponsored Lola P1 car. This did delay the last details of production of the Cayman harness bars that we had discussed in March; thus, I elected to delay the release of these until I returned from Le Mans to insure the quality standards that I wanted. Although the wait has been long, I have personally TIG welded every last one myself!!! and they are now being final QC checked and getting packaged for shipment. Initially,I am selling direct and through a source here in California; distribution will be kept in this fashion for now to keep the price point from changing.

    With production costs escalating, it has been difficult to keep the price from increasing and we decided that for this reason we will handle the sales locally to keep the original MSRP from going up. I can offer discounted shipping via UPS to help keep total cost down as well. (Unfortunately, we cannot meet the margin expectations from the distributors, and this coupled with the lack of volume warrants this type of distribution.)

    I will post the contact details next week for those who are interested. Incidentally, Europe has been a good market for our bar - the Germans apperantely love it!

    Thanks for your time - it's good to be back!

    porky ·
    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for info about the news site.Maybe I had better run this by you first...Yesterday I was at a Porsche Dealer in Rotterdam,Holland,and he showed me the new RS 60 Boxter,and began telling me about the new Cayman.Apparently it will be available in RS colours,Orange,green etc.He thinks it will receive the RS 60 exhaust as well as a few other modifications.It will be available in Spring,whilst the new model will be out in August.Perhaps just as important to Boxter owners,is their own Porsche design Edition 2,receiving yet again a power increase to over 300 bhp,and only available in white and probably GT3 style stripes on the flanks.Sounds like 2009 will be a good year for the Cayman.Hope this is useful for you,keep up the good work.


    Chris Moore
    zornet ·
    Ken as per our conversation friday, will-do tomorrow. I'm wiped OUT from the three day event @ Cal-Speedway :).

    lkl777 ·
    What is the correct way to remove the {side air vent} for the removal of restricter plate for the intake
    zornet ·
    lOOks like at least the two of us are getting it together with this very cool new S/W, good job ;).

    Bob :):burnout:
    Lucky 6 ·
    Ken, the new look of the Cayman Club website is is the site itself. I was posting online yesterday and suddenly everything changed! Good job. Ps. Nice pict of you and your wife.
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