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  • Porschebab1 ·
    I'm from Cincinnati. You? I have a 2016 CGTS. I have PASM suspension. Dealer is going to align car this week for max camber so we will see how much they can get. I think I am going to start tires around 34lbs and go from there.
    Mike_in OH ·
    Agreed with the other reports of the comparison to PASM; I had a 987 with PASM on 18" wheels and had the same experience --sharp up and down motions in sport mode on uneven roads. The SS doesn't do that--firm ride yes, punishing--no.

    Can't say anything about 20" wheels but I would think it would be firmer with a shorter side wall on the tire.

    About the 981 and SS: the turn in is remarkable, there is no lean in a corner and grip with 19" tires is substantial. I got this suspension because we do track days but after driving it for a few weeks it is not difficult to live with on the streets--just slow down on street with broken or heaved pavement.
    marc_p ·

    I've been on the forum for about 6 months and I've tried to read everything on the SS. I have to lock in my order in a few weeks and I can't get a demo in my region. You're the only one I noticed that has SS on 19 inch wheels. I wondered if you can help me with a few questions?

    1- I currently have a 987 S with PASM on 19 wheels, and I almost always ride in Sport mode. I'm fine with the stiffness and handling but I'm a bit annoyed with the up/down bouncing on uneven highways. Some SS owners say this isn't the case with SS. Is that your experience with your 19?

    2-Would you think 20 wheels would make a big difference for the SS setup?

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