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  • Lime-Gold ·
    Hi PistolPete,

    This is Lime-Gold. If you have the capability can you PLEASE delete the last 4 images - #10 to #13 - in the Boxster, Lime Gold Metallic GALLERY as below. I posted then but they are just generic ones not really of my car. I want them removed so they do not show up under "Images" on a post

    2013 Porsche Boxster And Boxster S 17 1920x1080
    7107713839 2e3d314a59 Z
    X981b S - 6
    2013 Porsche Boxster And Boxster S 3 1920x1080

    If you can not, can you forward this request to maybe Ken I guess.

    :thanks: :cheers:
    Anand ·
    I can't seem to upload five pictures at once. Three were repeated. Could you please delete copies? Thank you.

    mcrowell1000 ·
    Pete I can't seem to figure out how to upload a dyno run to from my hard drive to my gallery either as a .jpg or a .bmp file. it's 1.8 MB so I'm guessing it's a file size issue.
    eal ·
    Greetings, I tried to post some pictures of a tour of Canepa Designs that I recently attended but could not get them to upload. I did however manage to create to entries in the gallery that have no pictures so you may want to delete them.

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