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  • LarryB ·
    Hi qhb - I was wondering where you found the X73 rear sway bar for $155. I've only found it for $168, plus bushings and holders.
    Dr. Confused ·
    I got the PSE installed last weekend. They installed it in the same position they did yours. I have PdK. Does your exhaust button light up with the auto start/stop button? Like for example if you click the auto start/stop button then the PSE goes on with it. Same if you click it off. The buttons light up together and go off together? Thank you!
    Dussander ·
    I see that you AutoX your 981. I have one on order, and I will certainly AutoX mine, though I don't intend to AutoX every weekend. I have a lot of experience with Solo2 in a WRX and a shifter kart. So, my question to you is, what are the current/good wheel and tire options. I bought 20inch wheels because it was financially a good idea (they are worth a lot more than the option costs) but I suspect for AutoX/track I will need 19s. Has anyone found R-Compound sizes that will fit on any 981 wheels yet?
    A link to a website/forum that may have this information would be helpful as well. I have looked around a bit and haven't found anything yet.
    Thanks in advance.
    first_porsche ·

    Gorgeous car! Noticed it in your pictures. I am just ordering my 981 right now, and I am super excited :)

    Had a quick question for you, I posted a threat on it but was curious about your opinion given your choice.

    How do you feel about the 19inch rims? They look great in the pictures and I am tempted to save the difference over the 20s. My only problem is that my dealer has NONE of them so I have no clue what they look like. I have the 20 inch Carrera classics in my config right now, and I do really love them but I am debating the worth.

    What do you think?
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