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  • Exucom54 ·
    As I'm strongly considering a CS purchase in 2010. I browsed around and finally landed on this page. By background I admittedly know nothing about the car and am actively working to fix that and build my knowledgebase. I'm looking for a local organization that might assist me through a knowledge share. I'm in the Chicago Northwest suburbs and am curious to learn what might be the best approach to communicating my questions to members willing to dialog.
    majorj ·
    Just joined this site.
    The "PCA porsche parking only" area you mentioned at Road America looks to be the Porsche Park area and it is not really to be confused as a PCA National location. It was created by the Milwaukee region of PCA with financial help of the Fox Valley Region and the Porsche dealers in Milwaukee. It is maintained by the Milwaukee Region of PCA.
    Any time Road America is open, the Porsche Park area is open for Porsche only parking and use of owners. Makes a nice area doesn't it? The Milwaukee and Fox Valley regions regularly use it for special gatherings during events at Road America, one of the really premier road tracks in the US.
    I obviously am part of the Milwaukee region and had involvement in the work done to make Porsche Park @ Road America what it is.
    Hope all Porsche owners use it, enjoy it, and respect it by not abusing it. Road America does not provide any money for any improvements put in, although they approve whatever is going to be done.
    umwolverine ·
    Hi Ryan,

    Just purchased my 2006 Cayman after retiring my E60 M5 (90,000 miles) from track duty. I'd like to join the user group. Also if you or any of the users have a recommendation for a shop to install a Quaife diff that's not too far from Cincinnati - I'm looking for one.


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