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  • magichands ·

    I have been looking at a lot of posts on this site recently and am wondering if I can ask you a question since you seem to know a lot about exhausts.

    I'm planning on buying a 1st generation cayman and upgrading the exhaust. By far, my favourite exhaust note is the sport exhaust on the cayman r. I have hear the GT exhausts but still prefer the pure porsche sound of the cayman r with sport exhaust. Is there a way to buy the cayman r exhaust and retrofit it onto the 1st generation caymans?


    alvinis ·
    hello, i was trying to research how to get my headlight housing painted black and saw yours. amazing! awesome job. i'm just wondering if you could point me in the direction on how you got yours done. any help is much appreciated.

    pwrpuma ·

    I've heard of the tinted side-markers but I've never taken a look at them. Can you recommend a site that sells them? I have a 2010 Cayman S.

    crazyrob ·
    I was not super aggressive with the discount. I am in sales and didn't want to beat the guy up too bad. 6% is what I received. The salesman said we pretty much split it down the middle. Both of us were happy.
    jabber ·
    Hey there,

    Did you get the message I sent you yesterday about your Cayman via the classifieds page?

    - Stevan
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