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  • RussK ·
    Aloha! Just thought I would stop by and say hi. Hope all is well in your world. I have been way too busy over the last year and really should try to slow down a bit. Take care my friend!

    msrinivasan2196 ·
    Learning from you guys. Just new to Porsche and this site. I have a 997 S 2007 with the sport chrono package. Any ideas for upgrades apart from spending $28K with RUF???
    lkl777 ·
    Well said on the Launh control. Some folks just have get another word or two in via the old keybord. I for one would love to spank the guy on the track of course. That being said so many want but don't know what to do or how to use when they get it. And the irony is even if they did a solid person who undrestsnds his or her ride would probaly embaress them. I know I would been there done that and I think I may have a shirt or two!

    Wolfgang.968 ·
    Hi, I cannot post a new thread anymore! Always got "Please go back and fill out all required custom fields." . There are no custom fields I could fill out... Kind regards,
    Santa Fe ·
    Well I have the fastest computer money can buy but am limited by living in the wilds of the West for connections. But the new changes have seemed slow it down. Who knows?
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