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  • rflavell ·
    Hi Scott:

    I saw this post on a thread and it piqued my curiousity

    "We also get as much power flashing a NA DFI without a turbo."

    Can you please provide me with some information? Thank you.
    jn33 ·
    Looking to purchase a 996 911 Turbo ECU flash. Do you have any discounts going? I missed your 20% discount a few months ago.
    Please shoot me a direct email if possible: [email protected]
    ethandelacroix ·
    Hi Scott,

    I just posted a question in the forum. I have an 06 Boxster and have NHP headers and possibly getting a dream 1 exhaust tip. I would like to upgrade the plenum. If I go with you guys what would I be purchasing? Plenum, flash, and TB? What size would I be going up to?

    I am a little confused with this whole process.


    tenmad899 ·
    Hi Scott,

    Is there any plenum/TB + ECU tunning special offering ongoing now? I missed the last one and like to buy the whole package from a trustworty vendor like you. My car is gen 1. I also have the CEL issue after I upgraded my headers and catback. Thank you in advance.
    thevesh ·
    Hi i cannot find plenum on your site. Could tell me how much it is the tune and plenum shiped. Also how much gain can i expect on 2008 2.7 cayman.

    Thank you, br,
    Foozed ·
    20% discount any how anyway? I'm new to the cayman r club - just got it and missed this special you ran last year. Car needs a bit more HP. Any chance?
    andyv94 ·
    interested in purchasing softronic for my base cayman and was wondering if you had any deals going on and also wanted to know if I order it today how long would it take to get it to me. I am traveling on Friday march the 9th and was wondering if I could get it installed and ready to go by then??

    Thank you in advance,

    gatorbait ·
    I wonder if you might help as you are clearly knowledgeable about the quesiton I have. I am considering a used 2009 Cayman S but was told by the dealership that the DFI engines DME does not produce a record of the over revs. This seems hard to imagine but is there some basis to this? Otherwise I fear they might be trying to hide a questionable history.
    Snoop ·

    I believe you said at some point that you do not have a release out yet for the GenII 2.9 PDK, right? I've been waiting for that release and to see some reference customers with that car.


    Bobdole ·
    Hello Scott,
    I have a 2005 2.7 Boxster.....warranty just expired and i would like to see what my options are with you.
    I have now on the car a Fabspeed exhaust and headers with no cats....what is my best option to maximize my hp...what would be my gains and total price of package if available?
    finance09 ·
    I've seen some very positive reviews about Softronic. I'm a new 2.7L owner and have done the free mods that I know about at this point (desnork & K&N).

    I will be moving to ECU flash, Plenum and exhaust, but wanted your opinion on what Softronic mod to do first - especially since I'll be doing this on a budget, would you recommend ECU flash or SRP 1st?

    Any insight is appreciated. Thanks

    Porscha1VW ·

    I bought and installed the Softronic Plenum, throttle body and software in June 2008. I am a happy customer. I think you have made upgrades to the software since June 2008, and I would like to upgrade to the latest software. Also I now have a modified cat back exhaust system and understand that you have software for this also. I would like to try out the latest software for stock, and also for the modified exhaust and compare them. Will you kindly send me the software and.install instructions.

    Thanks, Ricardo Gonzales
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