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    Hi. I'd like to follow up with you regarding the rotors we are developing (slotted OEM size). I'm curious to why you would stay away from them. They will be made from the same alloys as other high end rotors (Brembo, PFC, etc) and no caliper adapter will be needed. Girodisk require an adapter likely because they didn't have a mold to match the OEM rotor so it was cheaper to use an adapter (molds cost $20k-$40k). Our goal is to use a mold that's very close to an OEM rotor which won't require adapters. Pricing will likely be around $1k for a set of fronts which is not much cheaper than girodisk however the rotor ring replacements will likely be priced at $500 a set which is about 30% less than girodisk. I'm reaching out as maybe there is something I have missed which is a concern to you. We have been working on racing brakes for over 10 years for Grand Am racing along with a few other series so if there is anything I have learned it's that there is always more to learn. Thanks!
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