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  • felixgogo ·
    I uploaded 2 images into the Platinum Silver gallery, and both are there ok, but both have the same thumbnail image... Any ideas what I did wrong?
    wayneoinla ·
    Hey Pete, I was unable to post my latest pictures under classified, for sale ad but, I was able to upload a handful of pictures into the main cayman photo gallery. How can I put them under my for sale ad.
    wayneoinla ·
    Hey zornet, I just happen to come across your address and you live in Redondo bch. I had seen your photo of your car and said I've seen that car before. My name is wayne and I live in culver city. Ya, I've seen you around.....nice. I also have an Arctic silver c.s. I have a black cayman s logo on the sides with black accenting. I do a lot of runs up and down topanga, (old) topanga cyn. Usually after 12 midnight, if your ever interested shoot me an email. there are a couple of us that meet and talk cars when were up there. Its relaxed and a good way to enjoy a week day night. Be good.

    BIC ·
    Hi Zornet,
    I see that you are the moderator for the Cayman Gallery. There is no option to post photos of Aqua Blue Metallic cars. This is a current color and I have ordered one. Would love to see others and I am sure some would post if it was an option.
    Schwabe79 ·
    How do I create a picture on my Album Folder that I have created under Event Images? As you can see I don't have a picture. I tried to find the edit function but I don't have any luck. Thanks
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