We have a special auction running that ends tomorrow July 4th on the hard to find DMC harness bar with optional camera mount attachment coupled with a 6 point TeamTech black/yellow harness. Separately these items would cost you over $1,000 new, but we have them available at auction in our Panjo classifieds section here: DMC Harness Bar and TeamTech 6pt Harness

There is no need to tear up the interior of your Cayman to install this bar and harness, you can simply unclip the shoulder plastic seat belt top caps and remove the small retainer bar with two torx screws to install this bar. When you are done at the track simply remove the bar and pop your caps back on and put your retainer bar back in and you are back to stock, no cutting of plastic needed so permanent or semi-permanent fixtures needed. Please note that in order to use the lower 2 points of the 6 point harness you will need a sub strap bar, if you don't have one, I have a Mantis one that I could include at an additional cost. If you want to use the 4 point system this harness has the unique shoulder coupling strap that pulls the top two straps together in case you are using seats that do not have a belt pass through. This makes this bar and harness combo ideal for whether you are starting out relatively stock, or you've progressed down the road of having more and more track gear for your car, this bar will suit you all the way up until you decide to go full cage, if you ever do.

DMC is no longer producing these bars, so these are extremely hard to find and very sought after for 987 Cayman owners. Don't miss your chance to get this one!