Two days ago, I received an email from my dealer: The car finally had arrived! I went in to fill in some paper work to register the car (some of which I had already filled out before, oh well). They said there was some weird feel to the leather on a spot on the steering wheel that they wanted to check out. Apparently it turned out that it was a bit wet from probably the truck driver unloading the car in the rain and they dried it. They also cleaned and detailed the car.

Today Thursday, he called again and told me that the car was ready!

My wife and I met at 6pm at the dealer and we had a second handover. It was a much less dramatic handover, which was fine with us. Positive surprise was that we did not get any selling of the - in my opinion - useless dealer add-ons like paint protection, extra insurances etc. As a nice surprise the car had the clear sidemarkers mounted! :banana:

The sales agent and me sat in the car and we went over a few items, like how to get the USB to work with the phone (it did not in Europe, but now it worked), looked at the steering wheel and also discussed the sports chrono clock issue (he promised to check into that), the folding mirror issue and the roof/keyfob issue. On the last point he said that he doubts that it was a legal reason but he wondered too that it works in Europe and Australia but not in the US.

I checked the mileage. It looks like the car was driven about 22km (13.6 miles) since we dropped it off in Frankfurt. I assume most of that was driven while loading and unloading and the dealer probably put about 3 miles on it for cleaning and detailing. I wonder if the did an extra round on the dock.

I checked the steering wheel and could not see the water issue, although I think I now feel a small rough spot on the back. Will have to check again.

It was nice to see the car and I drove it home, picking up my daughter along the way. The 20in summer tires definitely skip a lot, and if I go into the curves a bit spirited and accelerating, I even have the rear slide out with the PSM (traction control) turned on :D. Later my wife and I drove back to the dealer to pick up my SVX so that we got all three cars at home.

Here are some pictures of today (during the Seattle rain season):

Hand over

Summer tires

Clear side Markers!

Sports Exhaust

German license plate

Rear light

Ready to go

Until my WA state license plates arrive, I apparently can drive for up to 30 days with my German plates :D.

Now the only thing missing is the VAT refund. We planned on getting the check today, but the finance manager of the dealership was having her day off, so I guess I will stop by soon ;).