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Please do not post the same topic in multiple forums, moderators will remove the duplicates if you do so. Sponsors are no longer an exception to this rule they must also pick which forum is most appropriate for their topic, for example with a regional sale of products or services.

If a member has an incentive to promote products (either through direct financial compensation, discounted prices on products or other services) from a vendor than that must be disclosed in any posts by the member related to that vendor and/or the vendor's products/services.

This site we will not allow the posting of any items that directly compare products or services from one sponsor to another sponsor without the expression authorization of all parties involved. We have witnessed how such comparisons on other websites have caused those websites to degenerate into conflicts and "flame wars" from which there is no winner, everyone, including the website loses. Therefore, in order to avoid any such unpleasant
situations arising on our sites we are expressly forbidding the posting of such information.

Sponsors are free, however, to post comparisons to standard Porsche products, for example a dyno run showing Product X's improvement over a standard car that ships from Porsche. Sponsors are also free to post something to the effect of "see our website for more details" and sponsors are of course free to post whatever they deem in their best interests on their own websites.

We also want to be clear that our members are welcome to post about their experiences with vendors both good and bad after those experiences (or issues) have taken place or been resolved. What we are saying is don't try to drag this forum into an argument between a member and sponsor to try and get resolution to your issue, that's not what the forum is for. However, after your issue is resolved you are certainly free to come in and say "XYZ vendor provided great service because" or "ABC vendor provided crappy service because" and tell your story.

We have seen instances of where a member has said "If you don't give me X I'm going to go talk bad about you on Planet-9 (or some other forum)" and that's not right, that's NOT how this forum is to be used.

Let's compare examples for a moment:

Example 1: A member comes into the forum and posts: "XYZ sponsor is a bunch of crooks, they sent me a defective part and I sent it back and they haven't sent me a replacement part yet and haven't returned my last 3 phone calls."

Example 2: A member comes into the forum and posts: "Has anyone had an issue getting in touch with XYZ sponsor? I've been trying to reach them for the past week about a returned part and I have't been able to."

Example 3: A member posts: "I bought abc part from XYZ vendor/sponsor and it arrived defective, so I sent it back and for a week was unable to reach them by phone. Finally, two weeks later I receive the replacement part. I think the delay was too long and they should have called me more, I didn't have a good experience with them."

Example 1 is NOT OK, there has been no resolution and the point of the message is simply to call names and inflame the issue they are having with the sponsor.

Example 2 is OK because even though there has not yet been a resolution to the issue, the user is asking for information about contacting the sponsor or if others have heard from the sponsor, etc. They are still seeking to resolve the issue but haven't been able to reach the sponsor. Maybe the sponsor's phone lines are down, or they are on holiday, etc.

Example 3 is OK because there has been a resolution and the member is providing their feedback on the entire transaction and why they think it wasn't up to their expectations.

A sponsor reading #2 could jump in and respond and ask for a time and number to call the member at and then follow up.

A sponsor reading #3 could respond that they regret that it took two weeks to get the correct part but that they are dependent upon the warehouse in Germany and although they failed to communicate that to the buyer this time, that in the future they will let people know that. A sponsor has the opportunity to explain and where possible improve their future service.

A sponsor reading #1 is just going to get defensive and probably send me an email or call me and say WTF? We don't want that.

We hope this helps clarify our position on postings regarding sponsors, particularly when there are issues that arise. In any instance of an issue with a sponsor, the member of the site is always welcome to contact a member of the staff before posting in the forum to ask for guidance.


1) Sponsors are not allowed to comment in a topic started by another sponsor, unless the originating sponsor agrees, otherwise, please start your own separate topic.

2) Sponsors are not allowed to bad mouth another sponsor, praise is OK as long as any relationships between the sponsors are disclosed

3) No sponsor may compare their products to another sponsor's products without permission of all involved. Comparisons to a stock vehicle or the sponsors own prior baseline is fine.

4) News items have competitive exclusivity on the home page based on level of sponsorship, Platinum = 3 weeks, Gold = 2 weeks, Silver = 1 week. For example if a sponsor posts a news item about a set of wheels and is silver level, then for the next week no other news item will be about wheels, although other news items on other subjects may take place.

5) Group Buys must be run/directed/fostered/promoted by someone from the sponsor or a general member of the site that the sponsor designates to do so on their behalf, not anyone from the administrative team (No Admin, No Super Mods, No Coordinators - unless sponsor happens to also be a sub-forum coordinator)

6) While that group buy is being run no other sponsor can run a group buy or sale on the exact or nearly exact same item during the group buy process (see below for length).

7) Group buys can last up to the following periods of time based on sponsorship level:
Platinum - 6 weeks
Gold - 5 weeks
Silver - 4 weeks
(term can be shorter at sponsor's discretion)

8) All group buys must be submitted to the site administration at least 1 week before the desired start date of the group buy, and approved to run beginning and ending on the appropriate dates. The administration has the right to refuse any group buy that it deems not in the best interest of the site or its members.

9) No sponsor can run back to back group buys, at least 2 months must pass since the end of the prior group buy. (Unless a unique item that no other sponsor has, or all other sponsors do not object to another group buy being run sooner)

10) Group Buys shall be entitled to a 2 week post-group buy buffer whereby no other sponsor may run a group buy or sale on the same of very similar item within 2 weeks of the closing of the prior group buy. This is designed to protect both the sponsor running the group buy and any sponsor desiring to sell products after the group buy.

11) No shills, no guerilla marketing or any similar activities, whenever a sponsor provides products or discounts or anything of any tangible value in exchange for testimony or forum postings this fact must be disclosed.

12) Sponsors must back their products with the highest level of customer service.

13) Sponsors claims about their product, which our members rely on, must be true.

14) Sponsors will conduct themselves in a manner that does not harm the image and reputation of this site and its owner/team.

15) All sponsors agree to hold this website harmless in any transactions or dealings between the sponsor and members of the site. This site is not a party to any transaction and does not warranty, guarantee or represent the accuracy of the products or vendor.

The site administration appreciates your continued sponsorship of the site and willingness to abide by our rules of conduct designed to make our site a level and fair playing field for all sponsors.

Finally, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact the administrator or moderators of this site. We strive to respond as quickly as possible to all concerns!

Thanks and enjoy the forum."