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Porsche DeSnork Part 2 (Cayman Example)

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When I published the first Air Intake article last month I used pictures from my prior Boxster S and the procedure on the Boxster S is in fact a little different from the Cayman S. I have now performed the procedure on my Cayman S and will document it here. Please read the prior article though as it will have more text whereas this one will have more pictures (De-Snork Article 1 link at the bottom of this article).
Step 1 is different between the Boxster and the Cayman. With the Boxster you can remove the outer silver painted horizontal slat piece from the black support piece behind it and then work the black clips, with the Cayman the painted outer vertical slat piece cannot be easily removed from the black support structure meaning that you need to attack the black clips in a different way. Here is the air vent before getting started:

Some individuals have broken their black clips so let me first show you what the clips look like from a picture of my old Boxster install, I forgot to get a clip picture this time around. Here is the clip and where you need to insert a very thin blade screw driver to pry the clip up to allow the pin to slide free. It is very important that you use a very thin flat blade screwdriver to pry the clip up AND that the clip is pried up enough to clear the pin and allow the plastic intake piece to pull free and outwards away from the car. When reinstalling you will hear these clips "click" as they snap over the pin. I doctored the next photo to try to make this more clear.

I worked my way starting on the upper right pin first

This next image is looking from the ground up to where you can see that the outer "yellow" vent piece is actually clipped into the a black support frame behind it in several places, unlike the Boxster attachment this one seems a lot more difficult to remove so I did not try any further to separate the two pieces.

In this next image I've been able to get the upper right pin free of the retaining clip, again using a very thin flat blade screwdriver and holding the plastic piece back with my hand.

Next I moved over to work on the upper left clip and pin.

I next followed up with the pin and clip on the lower left, I didn't get a good picture of this. The last pin is at the very bottom of the vent making a total of 4 pins.

Now the intake piece is only held in by a pin at the bottom. Remove the clip over the pin the same way you would the other 3. In my case the whole thing came out of the body, luckily without breaking.

The next couple of images show the painted outer shell piece and its black support piece on the backside and how those pieces are clipped together in such a way to make their separation difficult and therefore not necessary by bypassing using the thin screwdriver method to release the clips over the pins. On the Boxster S these two pieces separated very easily.

The Cayman S piece also seems more substantial in terms of support than the Boxster S piece did.

So finally we can view that awful restrictor plate. How is air supposed to get in here anyway???

Removing the plate is pretty easy, there are 4 pins with little plastic tabs at the end of each pin, the tabs stick through the restrictor plate and clip. Simply take your flat blade screwdriver and depress these and push the pins back through the plate and pull the plate forward towards you as shown in this next image.

Now simply angle the restrictor plate and pull it out through the opening to remove.

Finally we can see the snorkel and the retaining ring with the 4 pins surrounding it.

Simply pull outwards towards you on the retaining ring. It is press fit into a rubberized piece and doesn't take much effort to remove.

Take out and save for later

Here is a view up inside the snorkel. I know there was some talk about could water get into the intake and air filter. Doing this procedure again I would have to say NO, not without some serious water pressure like a car wash nozzle stuck directly inside this snorkel. There are too many places for water to hit, fall, and drain way before ever even getting close to getting into this snorkel, let alone all the way up the snorkel, around the plastic plate at the end and into the air chamber beyond. Odds are virtually NIL in my opinion. Time will tell, but I feel pretty confident in that statement.

Now with the retaining ring and 4 pins out of the car I got out my trusty gutter covering material purchased from Home Depot (see previous article for full specs) and using tin snips cut some holes for the pins to press fit into and cut around the outer ring.

I did a quick test fit into the car to see if I had the overall shape right, but noted the spots where I needed some more trimming later.

Per RedRocket's recommendation I decided to paint my piece black as well. Using a leftover backing sheet from the 3M material that Alan is currently installing on my bumper I painted the piece black.

After the paint dried I put the metal grate back onto the plastic retaining ring and did some more trimming.

I then put it back into the car and noted a few little spots on the left where I needed some additional trimming.

I did the additional trimming and was able to press fit the retaining ring all the way back into the housing. Here is a picture of the final installation.

I reinstalled the outer intake piece, listening for the clips to snap as the pins fully inserted. Total time to complete was around 45 minutes including paint dry time and picture taking. I haven't dyno'd it yet, etc. but will follow up with more information in the forum over time so check there.

Dyno tests have shown this mod to add anywhere from 1 to 13 HP at the rear wheels and most members like the improved intake sound. No instances of water contamination have happened including torrential downpours while on the track.
Link to Forum Topic about this item: (if applicable): (De-Snork Article 1 - for reference)
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Excellent article... I would recommend going to your Porsche dealer and buying 4 pins for about $2.50... It's well worth it in case you break a pin as I did...

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Cayman GTS

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Review Date: Mon December 11, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: easy to do!
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ty for the info!!!


06 cayman S,
Techart GTS set
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PCA Member

Registered: September 2006
Location: Los Angeles, Cali
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Review Date: Mon January 29, 2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: Great pics
Cons: cant fine any
Have you installed this Product or Mod?:
i have a base cayman and i just did this mod. if i can do it... trust me anyone can do it, even your daughter

HP is irrelevant
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Porsche Idealist

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Review Date: Sat February 3, 2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: maybe 13 hp for spare change
Cons: none unless you scratch something
Have you installed this Product or Mod?:
I added adhesive-backed felt 'gaskets' between the screen and the rubberized piece to hedge against long term vibration and the ensuing squeaks.

I notice K-man broke the same retainer I did.

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Porsche Person

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Review Date: Tue February 20, 2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: New info
Cons: really good
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i just had the air/side ducked covered removed from my cayman S , I felt the gain of power

thanks man

Mohsen Almousawi
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PCA Member

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Review Date: Wed March 14, 2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 0 
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it was pretty simple. its hard to notice the noise change unless you have another cayman by your side

HP is irrelevant
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