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  1. Re: Fabspeed Valvetronic valves not working...troubleshoot help needed

    Phil From Fabspeed here.
    Please do not buy anything before you talk to us.
    If it is an issue with our system we might be able to cover it if needed under our Lifetime warranty. I will...
  2. Fabspeed motorsport usa | introduces product sound solution guarantee

    Fabspeed Motorsport USA is excited to announce MAJOR changes to our warranty.
    Check this out - Lifetime and Transferable, covers cats and valves, and includes the world’s first sound guarantee...
  3. Re: Fabspeed Motorsport | Anti Drone Technology

    Hey we understand your frustration about the sound quality of the linked video, this was a microphone issue that we resolved and we're excited to post additional videos of this exhaust improvement.
  4. Re: Fabspeed Motorsport | Anti Drone Technology

    Hey Everyone!

    Just wanted to post about a customer of ours who just posted a video unboxing an Anti-Drone system. These systems are becoming more and more popular with our customers on their...
  5. Re: Fabspeed Motorsport | Porsche 718 Product Suite

    Do you want to add power and unlock the beautiful sound of your 718 Boxster/Cayman? Look no further than our favorite combo of our Porsche 718 Cat Bypass Pipe and ECU Tune.

    The factory...
  6. Fabspeed Motorsport | Porsche 718 Product Suite

    Fabspeed is proud to announce the release of our Exhaust Suite for the 718. We have developed solutions from tips to turbo to help you meet your power, aesthetic, and sound goals. The 718 with its...
  7. Re: Celebrate President's Day with Fabspeed!

    Sale Extended!!!
  8. Celebrate President's Day with Fabspeed!

    Hello All,
    Phil from Fabspeed Here!
    ​​​​​​​10% off all Porsche products and a free Fabspeed Tee-shirt!
  9. Fabspeed Motorsport | Top three steps for your 987 Bolt-ons

    First Step: Exhaust Headers

    The first step to get more engine performance out of your Boxster/Cayman, and arguably the most important, would be to free up the exhaust flow in the intentionally...
  10. Re: 987.2 Before-After Dyno Results IPD, Headers and Pro-Tune

    Phil from Fabspeed here.
    I was just doing this write up. You beat me to the parts that I would have done as well. More air more air out!! Next, let's tell the computer what we are doing and get...
  11. Fabspeed | Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman Supercup Turboback Exhaust System

    Phil From Fabspeed.

    Fabspeed's Supercup Turboback Exhaust System for the 718 Boxster/Cayman is the ultimate solution for performance, decreasing turbo lag and 36lbs of weight while offering an...
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    Annual Fabspeed Holiday Sale

    15% OFF: Tips

    10% OFF: Exhaust Products

    5% OFF: Intakes, Apparel, and Everything Else

    FREE GIFT: Included in every Purchase of $200 or more
  13. Fabspeed Motorsport| Black Friday Sale!!!! Up to 20% off

    This is the Black Friday sale you’ve been waiting for!
    Up to 20% off starts NOW!
    Fabspeed Motorsport’s annual Black Friday sale is now live!
    Celebrate Black Friday with Fabspeed's biggest sale of...
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    Re: Exhaust recommendation

    Have you checked out Fabspeed?
    Phil from Fabspeed here.
    We have multiple different exhausts for for the 981!
    The tracktec and valvetronic are both great options for your vehicle depending on...
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    Fabspeed Fall Sale

    Hello All,
    Phil from Fabspeed Here!
    ​​​​​​​10% off all products until 10/31 using code FabFall!
  16. Fabspeed Motorsport | Product build GT4 Sport headers

    Hello All,
    Phil from Fabspeed here.
    I am reaching out because I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to give a behind the scenes at what goes into making our sport headers.
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    Re: GT4 IPD Plenum CEL

    Phil from Fabspeed here. We have recently been seeing p0068 code coming up on the 987.2 and up when switching over the plenum and throttle body. This is easily fixed by doing a throttle...
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    Fabspeed Open House Oct. 20Th

    Fabspeed Open House Oct. 20 10am-2pm

    Location: 155 Commerce Drive
    Fort Washington, Pa 19034


    To Register
    2018 Open House
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    Re: Aftermarket Dual Exhaust Tip

    Did you call the shop to see if they will give you a price quote?
  20. Re: Off throttle Crackles and Pops Sport vs. Sport +

    Phil from Fabspeed here.
    If you want the same symphony in sport+ you could change out the cats in the headers and go with sport cats. It will give you more sound and performance as well as pops...
  21. Re: Exhausts: Anyone bit the bullet on Fabspeed or AWE yet for 718?

    Phil From Fabspeed here.
    This exhaust has been selling like hot cakes. The HJS Cat and and resonator do a fantastic job at keeping drone at bay. It also gives the car an amazing sound.
  22. Re: Fab Speed Tips - How Difficult to Install?

    Phil from Fabspeed.
    You can put the tips on yourself especially if you have a lift but like Cayman Ed said peace of mind is worth a lot. All depends on if you are a DIYer or time, value, and...
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    Labor Day Sale

    Don't miss this Sale!!!202411
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    Labor Day Sale

    Don't miss our Labor Day Sale
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    Labor Day Sale

    Don't Miss this Sale!!!!
  26. Re: About those current exhaust tip options

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for considering Fabspeed! We offer our Deluxe Bolt-On Tips in several finishes (Carbon Fiber, Polished Chrome or Satin Black) to give you an improved rear aesthetic of your...
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    718 Carbon Fiber tips

    Hey guys! Porsche 718 Carbon fiber tips are in! I've had tons of inquiries for our Carbon tips and they are finally built, in stock, ready to ship!!

  28. S Model Re: Soul performance exhaust questions

    Phil from Fabspeed here.

    Sorry to hear about the drone. I will reach out to you to see what system that you have. I would like to understand what you are running right now to see if there is...
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    Fabspeed Porsche 981 headers

    Equal-length performance headers Improve exhaust flow and sports car sound; Sport Headers include 200-cell HJS Sport Catalytic Converters


    Fits all Porsche 987.2 Boxster/Cayman...
  30. Tired of the same conventional tip options

    Tired of the same conventional tip options? Add a bold, mean look to the rear of your vehicle with Fabspeed’s Boxster/Cayman Deluxe Dual Style Carbon Fiber Tips.

    These tips help...
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    991.2 Carrera Fabspeed ECU Tune

    Are you getting the full potential out of your 991.2 Carrera?

    Whether your car is completely bone stock, or you have made multiple modifications, our 991.2 Carrera Tune achieves this by...
  32. Re: 981 Product Innovation: Metal Cast X-Pipes

    Sorry everyone. There has been a mistake on the dyno and numbers that we posted.
    Here is the correct dyno for the catback. The previous dyno was made for the full performance package. ...
  33. Re: 981 Product Innovation: Metal Cast X-Pipes

    I will look to see if I can find that dyno.
  34. Re: 981 Product Innovation: Metal Cast X-Pipes

    These results were based off of the catback alone. Everything else was the same.
  35. 981 Product Innovation: Metal Cast X-Pipes

    Innovation is a key part of our success.

    We recently updated several of our Boxster/Cayman products, including our 981 Boxster/Cayman Maxflo Performance Exhaust System, replacing independent dual...
  36. Do you like your 718 Exhaust sound?

    Phil from Fabspeed here.
    Do you like the exhaust sound from your 718.

    We have received a lot of reviews from the 718. Most of them are about the outstanding performance and styling.

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    Cars and Coffee July 29

    Hey Guys,
    Phil From Fabspeed here.
    Come join us July 29 2018 for cars and coffee!

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    Re: Heading to Daytona Rolex 24

    Alright so haven't been able to post up any pictures from my mobile device. Here is a link to the Rennlist thread I could post to. Lots of pictures, enjoy! I'm try to figure out the actual uploads...
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