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  1. Thread: Clutch life

    by jhthornley

    Re: Clutch life

    Ive driven several manual cars well above 100k on a clutch. I did have to replace my Cayman S clutch at about 65k miles. Bought the car with 6900 miles, so maybe original owner smoked it? I have read...
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    Re: horrible color

    Black is not a color. It is a hobby. Dark blue is a close second.

    I have a 987.1 in Midnight Blue Metalic. 120K miles. Needs constant attention, unless you live in San Diego, where it rains 1x /...
  3. Re: Any recommendations for best stripe supplier or manufacturer?

    Kyle Isbel (KI studios). Call him. He does good work and will help you out.
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    Re: Smaller steering wheel for a tall guy

    I installed a Personal Grinta 330 mm on a Bell Works hub within the first year of ownership. GREAT setup. You could use those search terms and/or maybe find some threads in my history.
  5. Re: 2018 F1 Season - Initial Thoughts on TV Coverage....

    Interesting read when you start at the beginning of the season. My random thoughts at this point:
    1) Max is too aggressive EVERYWHERE. As someone else pointed out "not every corner is a place to...
  6. Re: 2018 F1 Season - Initial Thoughts on TV Coverage....

    We're at the summer break as I read this. I will read the rest of the thread, but I agree that the commentators aren't as good as Matchett, Hobbs, Diffey and Buxton. Might be that I just "got used"...
  7. Re: Favorite east coast driving roads with your Porsche?

    might be the same road mentioned by Vintage Seabee, but check out "the diamondback' I think it is 221A, but not sure. It comes down from Little Switzerland. FUN, and much less travelled than Tail of...
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    Re: Age Check for Cayman owners.

    54 YO. 6'2" 225# No problems. Getting into the car, so as not to wear the seat bolsters, I turn 90* to the seat and sit down THEN pivot under the steering wheel. Easy peasey. GREAT car.
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    Re: My Techart GTS facelift

    I like it. Did u wrap it yourself? I wonder how hard the door handles r to do.
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