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    Re: 981 Side Marker Turn Signal

    911 LED side markers was the first and only mod I did. I still have my old amber markers if you want them.
  2. Re: Has anyone burned their legs on the 981 or 718 exhausts?

    On a similar note, I wonder how many of you ride motorcycles and have burned yourselves on the exhaust pipe you are literally straddling. Anyone file an NHTSA complaint for that?
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    Re: What are these?

    A place to put my tire repair kit, microfiber towel and a detailing spray.
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    Re: Lawn Mower and a 911

    You know Home Depot has free 2 day delivery... Something to keep in mind 15 years from now:hilarious:
  5. Re: The Porsche naming/numbering system is confusing

    Don't forget the Z's or K's in the VIN. It's important to know if you're buying a Porsche or a VW!
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    Re: Ticking sound on a Cayman GTS

    It's most likely normal but I don't blame him for being a little concerned. The last time I heard a ticking noise in a car(Camry), the engine blew up on the freeway shortly thereafter.
  7. Re: Opti-Coat on top of XPEL - What is the necessity?

    Not sure of opti-coating on top of film, but I did the self opti-coat kit for under $100. It took four hours to apply it correctly, but I'm really happy with how it turned out
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