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    Front Plate Solution

    Admittedly, I'm obsessed, but I loathe the front plate. (From both an aesthetic and governmental overreach viewpoint.)

    Had the tow hook mount for a while, but could never quite get used to it....
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    Re: AWE Wind Diffuser for sale $75

    I did the same thing. What a waste.
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    Attempting the DIY Life!

    So at 35k miles on my 981, I'm now due for interim service. Up till now, I've done everything at the dealer, but after a few moves, I'm not particularly thrilled with the dealer closest to me and...
  4. Re: Pilot Sport 4S.....Cheaper non NO or NO

    I went with the Michelin's at the tire shop. My dealer's quote didn't include tax, or the $400+ alignment.

    Out the door for $1424. Can't say I feel any difference in ride yet, but I haven't done...
  5. Re: Attn: 981 Owners with Pilot Sport 4S Tire Pressures

    Odd. I'm making the switch to PS4S this weekend. At 33k miles, I'm on my second set of front P Zero's and original Rears. The new fronts only have 10k miles on them and are in worse condition than...
  6. Re: Pilot Sport 4S.....Cheaper non NO or NO

    I'm having a major dilemma, I've been wanting to switch to Michelin forever, but the last time I only needed two fronts. Got 23k out of original PZeros, only ten out of the replacements. Now at 33...
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    Re: Solutions For Front License Plate

    I like the idea of that, I just feel like it will last a week before being scraped off.
  8. Black Vue Dash Cam & Others for Boxster

    Hey Folks,

    Looking for insights from anyone with a Boxster AND a Dash Cam. Just had a Black Vue installed and while the front camera works flawlessly, I haven't found an ideal spot to mount the...
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    Re: Solutions For Front License Plate

    Hey KCZ, Greetings from sunny & smokey CA! (where front plates are mandatory) Currently have the Platypus, but over it. Have a cunning and evil plan for a solution similar to yours, but a little...
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    Re: Whine for the Day

    They meant Sam Adams.
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    Re: Painting wheels

    I have the factory paint to match option on mine, so my wheels are dark blue metallic. After 4 years or so, they became a bit pitted. Nothing too bad really only notice when cleaning, but I found...
  12. Re: 981 Boxster Windscreen Camera Mount Holder

    Afraid not... 981 and 718 only.
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