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  1. Thread: PDLS Plus

    by Singletrack

    Re: PDLS Plus

    Thanks - I did bring up my concern with the dealer who ran the tests I described. Their opinion was that the lights were fine. For the avoidance of doubt, the photo shows the lights I'm talking...
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    Re: Apple CarPlay - PCM 4.0 Cayenne 958.2

    Just to close this one. The simple answer is that my car was not equipped with Apple Car Play hence the reason it would not work. I can still listen to Spotify over bluetooth so I'm fine as far as...
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    Apple CarPlay - PCM 4.0 Cayenne 958.2

    I need some help.

    I just bought a Cayenne and expected much of the PCM functions would work as they do in our Macan....which is certainly the case save for Apple CarPlay which I just can't get to...
  4. Cayman Re: Where can I get this side racing decals highlighted in green?

    This guy on eBay has a light green racing flag graphic....
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    Re: Cayman R death rattle?

    If this is a rare failure, I'd ask if your dealer bothered to file a warranty claim with Porsche. I had a water pump fail on the Cayenne my wife used to drive, out of warranty. Dealer called me up,...
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    Re: How to remove cat back bolts?

    This is the method that is easiest, cheapest, best and lowest risk. Trust me....I've been there and RSchewrer saved me loads of time and money!
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    Re: vanity plates - Specific to the 981 only

    I don't have a 981 so my opinion may not be valid.....however, the province I live in launched the availability of personalized plates this morning and I went with the same thing I had in WA and in...
  8. Re: Porsche PIWIS technical service info web site

    $14 is the one hour access. $140 for the day.
  9. Re: SOUL | Boxster / Cayman Bolt-On X-Pipe With Tips

    Love this.....and am going to assume you have a licensing agreement with PAG in place....
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    Re: Help me diagnose why car won’t start

    Please forgive me if I'm stating what may seem obvious, but I've been there and asked this forum the same question. In my case, the answer was a dead battery. Eliminate that as a possible cause...
  11. Re: Off throttle Crackles and Pops Sport vs. Sport +

    More simply put, when you are shifting and the clutch is depressed, there is no fuel being injected in the engine, which cools the exhaust gases and reduces their velocity, creating a temperature...
  12. Re: Which Tune: TPC or Cobb or Softronic or FVD Brumbacher?

    Whatever.....I have the IPD competition plenum, GT3 TB, Soul Performance long tube street headers and Carnewal GT exhaust just because that seems to make sense. I have never had a CEL of any kind,...
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    Re: baby... car seat question....

    May I respectfully suggest you view page 83 of your owner's manual. Or course, Porsche "recommend" the use of their own child seats (see: how to disclaim any legal liability), but any good quality,...
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    Re: Bad QC for Paint

    While you clearly should make a warranty claim, the flaw may not have occurred at the factory. Was the car ordered and built to spec or bought off the lot? In either case, cars are sometimes...
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    S Model Re: 1st post buying 07 Cayman S

    Porsche ECU's do not "learn" in the way that the brains of the PDK (or Tiptronic) transmission learns, but they are adaptive. Do drive it....the way you want to and the car will "adapt". This said,...
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