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  1. Re: C6 Corvette has far superior handling than any Porsche

    I have heard that vettes never have cooling issues on the way to Cars & Coffee. I do hit the canyons regularly with a group of drivers that consist of vettes, camaroes, brz, etc. I am typically the...
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    Re: 0-60 Cayman 981 S

    Jehu2 - not sure how hard you plan to drive your 981. But sage advice above, don't beat up your PDK trying to get good launches. Go rent a vette or 1LE for that. If you plan to drive canyons or a...
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    Re: Torn between two lovers

    I am always surprised that some designs get past the initial test phase. The X6 is just strange. They call it a Sports Activity Coupe, because it is another tweener. Its like an SUV mated with a...
  4. Re: Has anyone ever installed the 10/$15 Front Lip/Splitter ...

    It would look exactly like what you would expect. cheap and poor fitting, until it falls off. There are not many options for a 981 splitter, and most are expensive.
  5. Re: 911 20" x 11.5J Wheels on 981 Boxster S?

    You would need to supply a lot more information to hope for a reliable answer. What suspension, has it been lowered, what alignment specs, what tire brand and sizes do you plan on using?
  6. Re: Will it fit? Super aggressive wheel fitment

    I went through this process for my 981CS. I would suggest checking a wheel fit guide. There are several, such as Is this a 987? Do you have the original wheel specs?...
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    Re: 981 Wheel Storage at dealer

    sadly, we still age, even if we sit on the couch.
  8. Re: Cold/ Hot Tire Pressures Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

    I start at 30 cold and monitor pressure after every session. On warm days, the pressure will increase up to 36-38 after one session. I will bleed out pressure to get back to 33-34. Then repeat. Your...
  9. Thread: Brake job

    by Whiteball

    Re: Brake job

    I watched a few youtube DIY videos and then replaced my pads and rotors. The parts are not that expense, unless you purchase high end pads. It took me a few hours, but I was going slow and cleaning...
  10. Re: At what point do you invest in a head and neck restraint?

    if you have a standard 3-point harness and get in an accident, then your body will move a little and then your head, and the airbags work in conjunction. if you have a 6-point harness, your torso is...
  11. Thread: Base or S?

    by Whiteball

    Re: Base or S?

    I have a 981CS. I understand the arguments here, but I personally would not prefer less horsepower for the same purchase price and same weight of car. I understand if someone has a budget and is...
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    Re: Alignment Settings, Unstable/Hunting Rear

    Maybe it would help to explain. My 981CS never feels unstable, so I would assume there is an issue with the suspension, the alignment or the tires. Has your car always felt this way, or is this...
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    Re: Wheel / tire fitment

    Balance is important. I increased my 981CS wheels and tires to Gt4 specs (245/35/20 & 295/30/20), and I am happy with the results. I would not try to go much wider in the front without going wider...
  14. A new vehicle has been created in the garage!

    Whiteball has created a new vehicle in the garage. Go check out their 2007 PORSCHE 911 GT3!
  15. Re: Adding Bilstein PSS10 to Boxster S 981 a good suspension upgrade?

    I went from stock suspension to JRZ One coilovers, along with some Tarett and Bbi suspension bits, and a corner balance. Done at Bbi in Huntington Beach. It was an impressive improvement for...
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    Re: 991S Wheels fit 718 Cayman?

    if you compare fitment of a 10" wheel to an 11" wheel with the same offset, then the 11" wheel would be wider by 12.7mm on inside (suspension) and another 12.7mm on outside (fender) (1" = 25.4mm). ...
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    Re: 991S Wheels fit 718 Cayman?


    I have a 981CS and...
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    Re: 245/40/19 and 275/40/19 on X73

    a little late to be asking? I agree that it is trial and error, due to variations in suspension setups, tire size/fitment between manufactures, alignment settings, etc.
    I have been advised that you...
  19. Re: Broke a brake bracket stud, how safe is it?

    Your brake rotors, calipers, etc. can get very hot, depending on how hard you drive. I would not use zip ties or duct tape. In my 981, the bracket just keeps the lines in the right place so there...
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    Question Re: Slight oil leak

    Put the car on jack stands or put a few solid wood blocks under the rear tires, and wheel chock the front tires. clean as much oil and dirt as you can. use a flashlight and inspection mirror and...
  21. Re: Forgot oil cap after adding some engine oil

    I agree with Bud. first you should not be overfilling the oil. if you do, then you should remove some oil. check the proper procedure or pay someone to do it. driving around with cap off is not...
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    Re: Shocks/Struts are wearing out

    More questions than answers. Was there only one suspension choice for a 987.1, for both base model and S? How long have you owned the car and how many miles have you put on the car? Did you get a...
  23. Cayman S Re: Cayman track car fishtails under hard braking

    Are you switching off traction control? I assume you do not have PASM if you installed JRZ coilovers.

    I have many of the same mods.
    JRZ Rs1 coilovers
    Tarett & Bbi suspension bits, endlinks,...
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    Re: Renting out a GT4 ??

    I have heard of guys getting a rental car and taking it to an HPDE event, regardless of what exclusions may or may not exist in small print. I have rented Mustang GT's and other cars that would be...
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