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  1. Durametric works!

    981 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    Does the 981 pro version provide control unit programming ?
  2. Headlight condense with low ext temperature

    981 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    Misting of the headlights is not new to Porsche headlights. Porsche have tried desiccant packs in some models but the only real way to keep them clear is long journeys with the lights on. The combination of heat and the airflow from the cluster vents keeps them clear. However, moisture will...
  3. Softronic Special and Racing

    The Cayman Interseries
    Hi Scott, Yes it's been a little while and my Orange beast is still sporting your tuning. No issues other than the cars obsession to go fast ;) I couldn't see the Cayenne listed on your offerings could you please post the before and after figures for the Gen 1 (9PA) V8 S. I am sure there are a...
  4. Softronic Special and Racing

    The Cayman Interseries
    Hi Scott (waving from England), Do you by chance do any 'Spicy Soup' for the Cayenne V8 ? (No we haven't gone soft it's the winter car (We still have the Orange one and the other Boxster). Nick
  5. My Yellow 981 S is finally home.

    981 Chat
    There is now :banana:
  6. My Yellow 981 S is finally home.

    981 Chat
    You have to remember I lived in the US for several years and my 'Orange Beast' was MY 2008 because of the post Sept 1 2007 delivery. Anyhow very clever marketing by Porsche in the US to push the model year along early. Call it fudging the numbers. Strictly speaking in Porsche terms any car...
  7. Gearbox Oil (Uk/Europe Spec)

    United Kingdom, Ireland Region
    Here is a link to a US dealer (also an OPC): Manual Transmission Fluid - 75W - 90:Porsche Parts & Porsche Accessories - Wholesale Porsche Parts & Tequipment - Cayman Panamera Cayenn
  8. Gearbox Oil (Uk/Europe Spec)

    United Kingdom, Ireland Region
    You need part number 999 917 546 00 Comes in 1 ltr Although the OPC may tell you this is for tiptornic cars it is exactly the same as listed for the manual car (SAE 75W-90) except it is available 1ltr and not 20ltr.
  9. Chris Harris on the McLaren MP4-12C

    Automotive Off Topic
    No No No Pete ... it's a 'flappy paddle shifty' non-Porsche thing :taunt: Try this Chris Harris video, much more appropiate!
  10. Service London

    United Kingdom, Ireland Region
    Can't say I know this one, whereabouts in London are you?
  11. J_Copeland Passed Away

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Very sad news :(
  12. Official 981 Boxster announcement & discussion thread (merged topics)

    News Items
    No PSE on UK and USA cars until June orders.
  13. Hi to all (a new neighbour)

    United Kingdom, Ireland Region
    Do your homework before you test drive a car as the first one you drive will be the one you buy. Whereabouts will you be living; Nottingham ?
  14. Roadside support insurance, AAA or GEICO?

    Automotive Off Topic
    Go for the Lizard :)
  15. Softronic 2 Week Fall Special! Ends Halloween!

    News Items
    Scott, nice to see you are still making 'spicy soup' ;)
  16. 987.1 / 987.2 Cayman/Boxster Cold Air Intake - NEED FEEDBACK PLEASE

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Sound files go here: Planet-9 - Downloads - Cayman Sounds You will also have to post a link to the file.
  17. Frustrated Cayman owner

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Should have found a way to take the car with you as the roads are some of the best.
  18. Unique Cayman paintjob

    987 Cayman and Boxster Pictures & Video
    I like it :) Hey Pete that reminds me of the Cayman 'Wood Edition' :hilarious:
  19. iOS 5 - your feedback

    General Off-Topic
    I gave in last night after several 3200 errors and went to bed. Started this morning and upgraded with no issues ... :banana: Now to play :)
  20. iOS 5 - your feedback

    General Off-Topic
    I have just got this error too. Perhaps the install process involves the cloud and it just can't cope at the moment.
1-20 of 347 Results