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  1. Small color mods on our Carrera White GT4

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Very nicely done! In fact that's very close to what I have even thinking about doing once mine arrives. Except I'm looking at red instead (for mirrors, side of the wing and still undecided on the air scoop)
  2. Is Body Color Consideration Different for GT Cars Like the GT4?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    I think in general sporty looking Porsches in general look best in non metallic colors.
  3. Cayman S Clunk on deceleration

    987 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    Glad you fixed it! It's weird, I know this isn't about the clutch ... but ... I feel that based on what I have heard so far (at least locally), these cars' flywheel don't tend to last that long. The flywheel pretty much gotta go in every clutch change.
  4. Questions: Clutch Replacement

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Glad everything's sorted. I actually found that most people had to change their flywheel when the clutch is out. It doesn't look like these flywheels could last 2 clutches That said, it's good you changed everything else as well. Given the (relatively) low cost of RMS and other relevant...
  5. GT4 impressions so far

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Thanks for sharing. Your post was very informative. I felt like I just drove the car after reading through your post. peculiar stuff like the brake pedal + steering feel are particularly detailed. Good stuff!
  6. Motortrend 2015 Best Drivers Car (not GT4)

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Frankly I don't want the GT4 to be that high profile on magazines. The car doesn't need to be in the first place in every single comparison test. I don't want everyone on the road to know what car it is actually. I like it when people think it's just a regular Cayman ... Much like how when...
  7. Met with Andreas Preuninger in Weissach

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Re: Gt4 pdk? AP needs to say what he needs to say. I was surprised he would actually "release" key information to someone he doesn't know previously just because that's a new GT4 owner. I wouldn't even count on the GT-badged cars staying NA beyond the current generation. At the end of the...
  8. Met with Andreas Preuninger in Weissach

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Re: Gt4 pdk? You could be right though. Maybe he deliberately made it sound vague to leave his options open in terms of keeping the GT4 going or not. Oh wells, we'll know in 3 years time whether 981.2 will actually come out haha
  9. Met with Andreas Preuninger in Weissach

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Re: Gt4 pdk? Whooops. I didn't think of it that way. I somehow thought (could be because I always felt that way previously) that the GT4 will run into 981.2 as an NA engine with MT, while no RS variant would exist. Anyway, this is purely from me based on reading these posts from a few...
  10. Why is GT4's considered "long" ?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    That's the thing. The gearing's the same for GT4 vs S and GTS. Why all of a sudden the fuss about having long gears on the GT4? Is it just because GT4 is a GT-badged car, so reviewers/owners have higher expectation from the car?
  11. Met with Andreas Preuninger in Weissach

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Re: Gt4 pdk? If I'm reading it properly, there will be no PDK for 981.2, but there will be PDK on the next generation of Cayman GT4 (i.e. 982 or whatever it's gonna be called).
  12. Met with Andreas Preuninger in Weissach

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Re: Gt4 pdk? So I'm confused. AP told you there will be PDK, and then subsequently denied that?
  13. GT4 Owners: Issue log

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    I was told by some people familiar with software "tuning" that realistically it's closer to 93 (as well as from Internet, not that Internet is always right). When I flashed my car's program with a very reputable sponsor for this site for aftermarket software, they also told me it's just 93.
  14. GT4 Owners: Issue log

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Yup. We use 98 Octane in Hong Kong, but that's only in RON rating. That is more like a 92-93 in (R+M)/2 scale. Quoting things in RON scale makes people excited though. A lot of people go ... "we have very high octane in HK! We run almost race fuel grade gasoline! woohooo!"
  15. GT4 - What will be your first mod?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Lol Maybe I'm the only one who needs to torture the GT4 and stuff the car into tiny parking spots ...
  16. GT4 - What will be your first mod?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Not sure if I have missed it ... seems like no one cares about rear parking sensor? Something like this would do for me: Rear Parkmaster - 4 sensors Flush Mount | Parking Sensors Or even two would do ...
  17. Next GT4 Four-Cylinder?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Ok, my bad. I didn't quote exactly what he said as I just took that out of the Internet. Looks like he said: Andreas Preuninger: PDK and Paddles ( what he said at the Gen 2 RS Launch in 2010 ) no heavy, flappy paddle gearbox (Preuninger: "Grandmas can use paddles. They aren't challenging")...
  18. Next GT4 Four-Cylinder?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    A few years ago, this quote floated all over the Internet at the time of the new 997.2 GT3 RS release: "Flappy paddles are for grandmas" - Andreas Preuninger Fast forward a bit, and what transmission do we have on the GT3 and RS? So, do count on the .2 variants of 981 and 991 GT-badged cars...
  19. GT4 Laps VIR with DSC Sport

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Haha nah. I have sold the old unit already. I have emailed either you (or your colleague) and realized the hardware's different. I'll just order the 981 one when the car actually arrives.
  20. Porsche says "We aren't like VW, we don't cheat"

    Automotive Off Topic
    VW did that by detecting wheel spin between the driving axle vs the other one to determine whether the car is on a dyno. The car would subsequently go into test-mode. However, the last time a user posted about his dyno experience of his GT4, it looks like Porsche hasn't done anything funny...
1-20 of 474 Results