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General Information

987 Boxster Spyder
Engine Type: 3.8
Purchase Date: 0-00-00
Vehicle Mileage: 0 Miles
Purchase Price: $0.00 USD
Total Spent: $0.00 USD
The car is the only FarnbacherLoles GTR Spyder, and it is a more powerful GT4 before Porsche would build it. Farnbacher only produced a very small number of Cayman’s along with this car and it was received by media as an absolute sensation. This car has some of the most meticulous paperwork you could ask for. There are written notes and emails detailing the build, all the magazine clippings where the GTR was tested, Farnbacher Loles build sheets, Farnbacher Loles warranty, window sticker, dyno sheets, and oil lab results. There are not many of the Farnbacher Loles cars that come up for sale, and most owners don't ever let them go. The most recent non-GTR Farnbacher Loles Cayman that came up for sale had the full exterior and suspension treatment, but no engine swap. That car was going in the mid 50's.

Upgraded with a full host of Porsche options, but most importantly a Farnbacher Loles GTR Spyder Conversion. This conversion was done by the original owner, who purchased the car and within the first year of ownership sent the car the Farnbacher to have this $59k upgrade performed(in lieu of purchasing a GT3 instead). The result is a one-of-a-kind driving experience, starting with a fully loaded Boxster S and transforming it into a supercar. Farnbacher starts with a 3.8L X51 911 Carrera powertrain (391 horsepower), combined with their own extensive engine tuning software and frame and chassis work to support the power and fitment of the 911's engine. Headers and full Millttek exhaust create a beautiful note without the highway drone. 15-way adjustable coilovers help compensate for keeping the high-powered GTR Spyder on the road, as well as a limited-slip differential, upgraded front and rear sway bars, Cargraphic wheels, and MUCH more. As for aesthetics, this car was upgraded with a GT3 front end, including the front bumper, fenders, and lights, as well as a carbon fiber rear spoiler, carbon fiber mirrors, and carbon fiber bumper vent.

Another great review, and most importantly sound clip, of a Farnbacher Loles GTR can be found in an early Matt Farah review of the press Farnbacher Loles Cayman GTR.


- OEM Porsche 3.8l X51 Engine
- Revo Technik ECU Tuning
- Cold-air intake
- Porsche Third Center-Mount Radiator
- Hi Performance Clutch (Porsche X51 Unit)
- Stasis Engineering Limited Slip Differential
- Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes (PCCB)
- Setrab 10-Row Power Steering Cooler
- RSS Dampened Underdrive Pulley
- LED Interior Lighting
- Euro Cayman Rear Bumper (no bumper-ettes around license plate)
- OEM GT3 Front Bumper
- OEM GT3 Front Fenders
- OEM GT3 Front Cup Car Lip
- OEM GT3 Cup Car Wind Deflectors
- Carbon Fiber GT3 Front Bumper Vent
- Carbon Fiber Mirrors (Full Power and Dimming)
- Carbon Fiber Duckbill Spoiler (Active Aero Retained)
- Carbon side vent scoops
- OEM GT3 Front Brake Ducts
- Rear Diffuser
- Bose Package
- OEM GT3 Front Headlights with HID
- 987.2 Style Depo LED Taillights
- LED Foglights
- Milltek SS Headers
- Milltek SS Muffler
- CROSS/JIC 15-way Adjustable Coilovers
- Two-Way Adjustable H&R Sway Bars Front and Rear (24, 22mm)
Wheel and Tire
- Cargraphic 3-Piece 19in Wheels
- R888R Tires