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General Information

986 Boxster
Engine Type: 6 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Purchase Date: 1998-02-20
Vehicle Mileage: 230000 Miles
Purchase Price: $52000.00 USD
Total Spent: $0.00 USD
I've kept a log of my multiple hacks in chronological order.
Many of these can be seen on my website:

• Removed Airbag Stickers.
• Installed Optional Floor Mats w/Boxster Logo and slide stop (gray).
• Installed removable plastic Cup Holders in matching interior color.
• Removed Boxster Logo from rear trunk lid.
• Installed “986� Emblem on rear trunk lid (from 968).
• Installed Red Reflective Caliper Stickers.
• Installed Stainless Steel Door Sills w/Boxster Logo.
• Installed Hard-wired Valentine One Radar Detector.
• Bypassed Clutch Ignition Microswitch.
• Hand Painted Wheel Crests.
• Painted Windscreens to match: Glacier White/Clearcoat.
• Added reflective PORSCHE logo to rear spoiler.
• Installed 1.5� aspheric mirrors. Self adhesive to mirrors.
• Enabled Front Fog Lamps with either Low or High Beams.
• Enabled both rear Fog Lamps. Added second bulb and wiring.
• Modified Top to make it operational while vehicle in motion.
• Installed Euro Style Turn Signals. Side markers now blink.
• Installed 6 CD Storage Tray. Under the radio.
• Reprogrammed Door Locks to automatic w/SPS2 computer.
• Installed Technolab Carbon Fibre Dash Kit.
• Installed Optimus (Radio Shack) Rear Speakers to Becker 210 radio.
• Installed Footwell Lighting System.
• Installed concealed Garage Door Opener, operated from Dash.
• Installed Intermittent Wiper Control from 996 on dash.
• Installed Trunk Open Warning Lights (front & rear trunk lids).
• Installed K&N Air Filter.
• Installed Silver Instrument Gauges.
• Recalibrated Speedometer w/GPS and PST2.
• Installed B&M Short Throw Shifter.
• Installed driver’s side Lumbar Support w/manual air pump.
• Installed Zimmerman Front Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors.
• Installed Pagid front Brake Pads.
• Installed Technolab Digital Volt-Meter w/red numerals.
• Modified Technolab Digital Volt-Meter with amber numerals
• Removed Snorkel
• Installed Technolab Hi Flow Air Intake 3â€�φ alum tube & nitrile elbows
• Manufactured and installed plastic mesh on front bumper air intakes.
• Installed Glacier White Bumperplugs
• Installed Glacier White Doorplug
• Made and installed Technolab Magnetic Bra in matching car color
• Installed Knapsack between seats.
• Found collapsible Umbrella that fits in umbrella holder.
• Notched Gas Cap (new style) to rest on lid.
• Installed top-center marker in aluminum for steering wheel (autoX).
• Manufactured brushed aluminum bracket for iPod and LG cell phone.
• Installed Monster FM Modulator for iPod.
• Converted Short Throw Shifter to Technolab Ultra Short Throw.
• Installed new shifter boot (MOMO) to fit ultra short throw.
• Installed Wheel Spacers (7 mm fronts and 15 mm rears).
• Removed, rebuilt and painted calipers in technolab orange.
• Placed Brembo stickers on orange calipers.
• Made and installed logo to rear spoiler.
• Installed new personalized License Plate (98SIX).
• Made and installed PPBB Spoiler Sticker in reflective red.
• Refinished leather steering wheel in two-tone (black/graphite gray).
• Refinished seats, dash, arm rest, handbrake and shift boot in black/gray.
• Installed Porsche Club of America badge on left windscreen.
• Installed deviating mats (black) with PORSCHE logo.
• Painted front bumper air intake grills to match Glacier White.
• Made magnetic PORSCHE Badges for casual placement.
• Installed Sylvania Silver Star H7 bulbs (Hi, Lo, Fog).
• Installed Schnell Rear Strut Brace (gold anodized).
• Installed Schnell Headers.
• Modified Muffler to PSE (Pedro Sport Exhaust) specs.
• Modified Boat Drain Plugs for extra PSE silencing.
• Made Silencing Plug storage in foam.
• Installed Eibach Lowering Springs (4 corners). Lowered 1�..
• Hand painted Crest in Steering Wheel.
• Polished and ported inside of Throttle Body.
• Remapped DME by PowerChip.
• Installed Schnell Front Strut Brace (aluminum).
• Installed Schnell Aluminum Pedals (Set of 4).
• Installed Bosch ICON Wiper blades.
• Installed larger Oil Cooler from the Boxster S
• Installed (removable) 6-point Racing Harness for AXs & DEs
• Made set of Magnetic Numbers for AXs and DEs
• Modified Schnell Aluminum Accelerator Pedal with “toe� extension
• Installed Center Radiator from the 2001 996 Carrera
• Made Cut out in Front Bumper for the third radiator
• Installed Trim and Mesh on center intake
• Painted front bumper air intake grills black to match center mesh
• Installed – hard-wired Magellan GPSP
• Manufactured and Installed TechnoBrace
• Re-upholsterd Interior Plastic Trim Pieces in Leather.
• Made and installed TechnoTorque Prototype
• Replaced Front Hood with Carbon Fibre Hood
• Replaced Front Bumper Skin with one from a 996
• Replaced Rear Spoiler with Carbon Fibre Spoiler
• Installed Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers
• Installed Tarret Drop Links
• Installed 996 Front Brakes
• Installed TechnoPower Kit good for another 23 HP
• Installed PSS9 suspension
• Installed Accusump oil accumulation system
• Installed Oil Pressure and Temperature gauges
• Installed bigger brake cooling ducts
Multitude of other mods I can't recall anymore, and I'm sure many more to come.



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