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  1. 718 Chat
    Since I likely will have trouble ever finding many 981 x73 Sport Suspension Boxsters to try, I wonder what the difference would be between the 981 x73and 718S PASM -20mm. Everything I have read it sounds like the x73makes the car much better than PASM. More feel the road, better steering. I...
  2. 718 Chat
    I'm interested to know how important PASM is in the resale market, and if there is more interest in 10mm or 20mm. Thanks for your thoughts!
  3. 718 Chat
    Hello, Anyone has experienced with Vogtland Spring on 981 or 718? How is feeling compared with standard spring Just got Cayman S (-20mm) but I think this car needs lower Thanks
  4. 718 Chat
    Does anybody tried both suspensions on a 718 Cayman? Is the -20mm PASM (Sport PASM) noticable firmer than the -10mm? How does it compare to the -10mm PASM and the -20mm sport suspension on the 981? I like the look of the -20mm sport suspension, but dont like a too harsh, bumpy ride. I tired...
  5. Speedart Spoiler Install

    SpeedArt front spoiler lip install
1-5 of 5 Results