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  1. 987 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2005-2012
    Hi All, We are back on Planet 9 and I want to reacquaint all of you with CCD’s full offering of aero products for all Caymans and Boxsters. We offer discounts to PCA members. CCD was born just 27 short months ago and is quickly becoming the leader in downforce products for all years of Caymans...
  2. 987 Cayman/Boxster Chat 2005-2012
    I have been waiting all day for responses to this post and I just realized i never posted it. lol Anyway, what radar detectors are you using, where do you mount it and how do you power it? Thanks.
  3. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    I made an offer for a 17 cpo 718S a few weeks ago that didnt work out. The dealer called me 2 days ago and told me that upper management wants the car off of the lot by Monday, and if I get in my car and come there right away they would sell me the car for wholesale value plus $3k for CPO. To...
  4. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    i ordered abrand new regular cayman 2019 .yasterday i saw a cayman gt4 2016 with 8100 miles the car looks like its coming out of the box. not a single scratch.inside everything is cleen i know its not new. i know its not turbo.BUT its gt4. AND the price is the same with the new cayman how...
  5. 987 Cayman/Boxster Chat 2005-2012
    Rear cargo area the light In the actual rear hatch. New bulb. Checked and certain it is good. Checked plug with multi meter and only showing 1.5 volts. Any ideas?
  6. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    can he damage the car?
  7. 981 Cayman/Boxster Problems & Complaints 2013-2016
    I About a week ago I opened the door and heard a loud clanking, like something had fallen down inside the door. I didn’t see anything and the window seemed to work fine. I notice a Phillips bit on the ground and thought maybe it had fallen out of my pocket or I had it in the door pocket. Now...
1-16 of 123 Results