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  1. Roll bar for 718CS

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    Anyone installed a roll bar in their 718 Cayman? I'm interested in going from OEM seats & 3-point to a bolt-in bar with race seats and harnesses. If you've done this, I'd appreciate hearing your experience on who you had do the work, what parts you used, how good it looks (cars are <2 years...
  2. Punctured heat exchanger

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    Lost the AC on my 2 year old 718CS on Saturday. Stopped by the dealer today to find out what was going on (because crickets), and lo and behold, they tell me they need authorization for the ~$1250 repair on a punctured heat exchanger. I said, what, this isn't covered by the warranty? "No...
  3. 718 GT4... Will PDK be Offered?

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    Putting aside the argument for PDK vs manual. I love both and have owned and tracked both. I simply prefer PDK for the track. I'm ready to plunk down the kids college fund for my very own GT4 but not unless PDK is an option. Sadly, I think the rumors of PDK will not come true. I've spent some...
  4. 718 2nd best Luxury Vehicle with Lowest Depreciation

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    Porsche dominating the list with the Macan, 718 Boxster/Cayman, 911, and Cayenne owning the top 4 sports.
  5. 718 air filter replacement

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    Found this post with some decent pics on a 718 air filter replacement how-to. Have not seen anything on here or even on youtube.
  6. 718 Cayman S coolant flush

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    I need to do a thorough coolant flush on my 718 Cayman S. Since the model is still new, there isn't much out there. I'd prefer to do it myself, but depending on the difficulty, I might bite the bullet and pay the dealer. I'm fairly novice but I've done my own pad, rotor, and brake fluid...
  7. Suncoast Parts Project 718

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    With our project car fully up and running we wanted to give a little info about it as there aren't too many 718's at the track, at least not in FL as we've seen. Little back story, we used to run a 2008 Cayman S 6-speed that was built more as a little parts display car and then we started...
  8. Mid 17 hour train ride to trade my z06 for a Lava Orange 718 Cayman s

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    I made an offer for a 17 cpo 718S a few weeks ago that didnt work out. The dealer called me 2 days ago and told me that upper management wants the car off of the lot by Monday, and if I get in my car and come there right away they would sell me the car for wholesale value plus $3k for CPO. To...
  9. 718 Side Intake Protection Grille

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    Just recently available is a factory grille insert for the side intakes of all 718 Boxster/Cayman models. This helps protect your side radiators against debris. We have seen these standard on only one fresh delivery so we think this might be a 2018.5+ standard part. 718 Intake Grille Protection...
  10. Just Ordered 2019 718 Cayman Need Help With Discounts and Rebates

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    First I want to say thank you to the many people in this forum, I have read many posts and threads. Just last week I placed an order for a 2019 718 Cayman, because of this site I knew exactly what to get on my Cayman. They quoted me the price and I paid the deposit. No mention of discounts or...
  11. 2019 Porsche Cayman 718 GT4.2

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Surfing the web this morning and saw something I'm excited about. 2019 Porsche Cayman 718 GT4.2 News, Rumors, Opinions, Thoughts?
  12. Thoughts on this Signal Green 718 S

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    Thinking about moving on from my 981 Boxster S for a 718 Cayman S. I'm looking at this PTS Signal Green 2017. PDK Sport Chrono Sport Seats Sport PASM Sport Exhaust Porsche Connect Thoughts on Signal Green?
  13. Short Shift Kit on 718

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    718 Peeps -- I installed the Porsche OEM Short Shift Kit ( a few weeks ago. It's pretty awesome, definitely worth the $250. Thought I'd provide a quick report: I DIY'd the install and it was drama free. Anyone with patience and a few tools...
  14. Observation My time with a 2018 718 2.0 and comparing it to my 2008 987 2.7

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    My 2008 987 2.7 has been serviced by Hendrick Porsche in Charlotte the last couple of days. Nothing major, just a leaky coolant hose, they were kind enough to provide me with a 2018 Guards Red 718 Base as a loaner. I thought it would be fun to write a comparsion of my impression of these two...
  15. 718 center radiator

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    Cool down your Porsche with 100% Factory Porsche Parts. Adds an additional radiator to your 718 for increased cooling. This is perfect for the track where additional cooling counts, as well as hot climates. Fits all 2017 or newer 718 Boxster or Cayman models. Depending on your options, some...
  16. New 718 GTS in my garage

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    After owning three 987.2 Caymans (two S's and my current R), and after several thousand track miles in them, I bit the bullet and bought a 2018 718 Cayman GTS yesterday. It is quite a beautiful car (in a new color called "Chalk"). It was more expensive than I had expected, and it's fast as...
  17. SOUL | 718 Development Car Needed in PA

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    Soul Performance Products is looking for a local Porsche 718 for exhaust component development. Who: Owner(s) of a 718 Boxster / Cayman with factory exhaust system Where: 2300 Maryland Rd, Willow Grove PA When: We would need the car for a minimum of 2 weeks, ideally 3+ weeks for more...
  18. Colour/color nuances for GTS

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    Please nudge this this somewhere else if mis-posted, I couldn't find a more pertinent place. I'm mulling over a 718 GTS order now, and wonder what general comments seasoned folks would have on colour choices (exterior, then maybe interior) driven by the black wheels and black exterior trims. Of...
  19. A missing screw

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    A friend came to visit me with his brand new 718 Boxster S. Under the rear spoiler one screw looks to be missing: Looks from the trunk: On the driver's side the screw is there: Any ideas? Have you see other screws missing on 718?
  20. Flash sale! 718 sport exhaust!

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    We are running a 1-Day Only Flash Sale on factory Porsche Sport Exhaust for the 718 Boxster and Cayman! Complete bolt-on PSE system which includes the new console mounted switch with exhaust button. Available with or without stainless steel tips in chrome or black. Take advantage of an OEM...