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  1. We are Moving!

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    Dear Planet-9 Community Members, Over the past year, there have been updates to your community environment that have introduced challenges in usability and performance. We sincerely apologize if you have been negatively impacted. Efforts to improve the technology, user interface, and site...
  2. Trailex 7541-EB for sale $5000

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Trailex 7541-EB for sale. Has tire rack, wind screen, spare tire, all LED lights (great), elecric brakes, new chains, etc. Please ignore car make and model - I had to put something in. In great shape with regular frequent maintenance including bearings, brakes, leaf springs, etc. All tires...
  3. 993 Targa Porsche 1997 for sale : Beautiful California Car

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Hello, I'm new here as this site was recommended for selling Porsche ! I do not have a place for this buggy unfortunately anymore, so my mechanic in Los Angeles has been garaging her for me. He now told me "Babe time to make a decision" so I am selling her . All stock, mechanically perfect...
  4. Broken tab on ABS sensor

    981 DIY Discussion
    Changed my front disks and pads all around today...gotta say, this car makes brake jobs easy. Everything went very smooth and simple except for one little thing. How the heck are you supposed to remove the ABS sensor off the back without breaking the locking tab?? I managed to break the tab on...
  5. 18' Victor Wheels with Michelin PSS tires

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    These "Lemans" wheels are made by Victor Equipment. They are in mint condition, no curb rash or scratches at all. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires have plenty of life left @ 9/32 all around. Front: 18x8 45 offset, 235/40/18 tires Rear: 18x9.5 49 offset , 265/40/18 tires If you have any...
  6. 10% OFF REMUS Exhaust Systems

    Flat 6 Motorsports
    We're running a 10% off all Remus Exhausts through the end of August. As always, we provide free shipping in the U.S. Shop: Code: REMUS19 987: 981: 718:
  7. 718 GT4 Order

    718 Chat
    Hi, I received a lucky and grateful call from my local Porsche dealership last Wednesday. They received one build slot for the new 718 GT4, which they kindly offered to me. I gave them a draft spec and deposit that afternoon to confirm the order. The car should arrive in September, so I will...
  8. H&R Lowering Springs?

    718 Chat
    All: Does anyone here have experience with H&R lowering springs? I'm looking at dropping a non-PASM car a bit, and was looking at various options. Specifically, interested how harsh(er) the ride becomes, if at all. Thx!
  9. Is this thing on???

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Ok for those who emailed me about the Classifieds not working because trying to post a new listing here was kicking off the process to list something on the now defunct Panjo, please give it a try again and let me know if it works. I went into the plumbing and pulled out all the old Panjo items...
  10. ► Job Opening - Product Development Engineer @ Apex Race Parts

    APEX Race Parts
    Are you an auto enthusiast trapped in the body of an engineer who works on boring cogs and widgets all day? Do you wish you could use your skills to make race cars go faster instead? Have you been waiting for the right opportunity to align your career with your passion and hobby? If so, now’s...
  11. 718 Recall

    718 Chat
    Just to give 718 owners a heads up i Came across this article on Flat Sixes. All US 718’s from 2017 to 2019 are voluntarily being recalled by Porsche.
  12. 718 Interior Storage Accessories

    718 Chat
    Just wondering what you all use (if anything at all) for your interior storage needs? As we all know, the 718 is a fantastic car, but storing items (glasses, user manual, cell phone, and all other doodads) can be somewhat challenging. The two storage bins above the engine are a decent size...
  13. EU emissions-GPF

    718 Chat
    I haven't seen any info on the forum regarding the new emission standards the EU is implementing on newer vehicles with regards to the inclusion of GPF's (gasoline particulate filters). From what i have read, all German cars from 2017 on, are, and will be equipped with GPF's. It is my...
  14. Celebrate President's Day with Fabspeed!

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    Hello All, Phil from Fabspeed Here! ​​​​​​​10% off all Porsche products and a free Fabspeed Tee-shirt!
  15. 718 Fuse Box

    718 Chat
    Hi Dose anybody have a list of the all the fuses or a wiring diagram for a 718 ?
  16. TPMS from 981 to 718 Winter Tires

    718 Chat
    Hi all - put on my 981 winter tires on my new 718 and as I knew would happen the TPMS does not work. My question is instead of paying $650 for the dealer, has anybody gone through a local big chain tire store or something like that where they are quick with all the equipment versus my indy shop...
  17. Fabspeed Fall Sale

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    Hello All, Phil from Fabspeed Here! ​​​​​​​10% off all products until 10/31 using code FabFall!
  18. HRE Wheels Full Forged Series | Track, Street or for Show | Quality & Perfection

    Vibe Motorsports
    HRE Wheels has been one of the leading manufacturers in the aftermarket wheel industry for well over 30 years. Their vast knowledge and expertise provides some of the most unique, and best quality multi-piece custom forged wheels the world has come to know. Manufactured in Vista, CA, HRE Wheels...
  19. Special Promotion Pricing for The All New Savini SV-F Flow Forged Wheels - 19"- 22"

    Vibe Motorsports
    Special Promotion Pricing for The All New Savini SV-F Flow Forged Wheels - 19"- 22" Introducing the Savini SV-F Flow Forged Wheels | SV-F 1 | SV-F 2 | SV-F 3 The enthusiasts at Savini Wheels have been putting in hours perfecting the fitment. Specifically crafted using only high grade...
  20. Too much oil ?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    So I just noticed the oil gauge(?) is all the way to the top. I’m thinking the dealer put too much in when they changed it. To be clear all bars are full and it’s past the upper level with the downward pointing arrow.