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  1. ► APEX | 18” SM-10 Porsche Wheel Group Buy - Up to $300 OFF + Free Shipping

    APEX Race Parts
    APEX 18” Porsche Wheel Group Buy Save up to $300 OFF a set + Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. Back by popular demand, we are happy to announce our mid-season community Group Buy. We developed the 18” SM-10 Porsche wheel line a couple of years ago to meet the diverse needs of the Porsche...
  2. Cayman aftermarket exhaust system for sale

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    I have an AWE tuning stainless steel exhaust system I'd like to sell. Purchased 2 years ago for my 2016 Cayman. Recently put the stock exhaust back on the car because I got tired of my wife complaining I was disturbing the neighbors. AWE has website to review and U-tube where you can see/hear...
  3. Transmission Swap???

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Got the call from Porsche, they want to swap out the transmission in my GT4 (nothing wrong, just a preventative recall so that I don't get the 3rd gear issue - which I haven't ever had). Anything to look out for from anyone who has had this done? Can I keep my original transmission? I mean...
  4. ► Job Opening - Product Development Engineer @ Apex Race Parts

    APEX Race Parts
    Are you an auto enthusiast trapped in the body of an engineer who works on boring cogs and widgets all day? Do you wish you could use your skills to make race cars go faster instead? Have you been waiting for the right opportunity to align your career with your passion and hobby? If so, now’s...
  5. Car For Sale Forum

    Porsche Car Classifieds (Members)
    Since some members have expressed concerns with trying to sell a car through the Panjo/Tapatalk based Classified ads we decided to open up a separate forum for Cars for sale ONLY. (Parts, clothing, etc. still need to go into the Panjo/Tapatalk Classifieds). Everyone should be able to View and...
  6. ► APEX | 18” SM-10 Porsche Wheel Group Buy - Up to $300 OFF + Free Shipping

    APEX Race Parts
    APEX 18” Porsche Wheel Group Buy UPDATE: Max discount tier unlocked! Join now and enjoy a guaranteed savings of $300 OFF each set plus Free Shipping in the Continental US. The deal ends tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific The new year has arrived, which means it’s time to prepare for the upcoming...
  7. 718 GT4 - Success or Failure?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Ok I'm starting to get enough questions of "Hey are you trading your existing GT4 in on a new one?" that I thought I would pose the question to all of you about what would make the new 718 GT4 a success or failure. While I am not planning to trade or buy one, here are some thoughts from my...
  8. 718 Side Vent Install Pics or Video?

    718 Chat
    Has anyone documented the process of removing and reinstalling the side vents on a 718? If so, can you point me to the pics and/or video please? Thanks in advance!
  9. Gt4 evoms tuning

    718 Chat
    EVOMS 981 GT4 / Boxster Spyder EVR450 Performance Package DOES THIS upgrade wothe the money? how i can increase the power gt4 WITHOUT thuching the engine there is no turbo on this car so thas make it more complicated if somebody know any other compenys that will be nice
  10. Classifieds, but not Panjo

    Community Help
    How do I post a new ad in the classifieds? I can keep getting sent to Panjo, but I see ads in the classifieds that aren't on Panjo, so I think it can be done. Thanks. jD
  11. OEM or After Market Trim for Aluminum Interiro Trim Pieces?

    718 Chat
    I know Nick Murray referenced it once, but I wonder if the aluminum trim pieces that are on the dash middle and doors, whether you can get aftermarket or OEM parts to get them in leather? I know you can spec that leather option during a build, but is it possible to buy just the trim parts after...
  12. retract spoiler when engine not running

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    I am removing the factory spoiler from a car being converted to a Spec racer. I've not much experience driving Caymans and am ignorant of many of the controls. I raised the spoiler using the center console switch, removed the wing, etc., and would now like to retract the pistons so that I can...
  13. Is that chip good for the regular cayman?

    718 Chat
    can he damage the car?
  14. Excessive brake fluid out of cap area on reservoir

    987 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    I have been tracking cars for quite a while and know that a little brake fluid can leak out the master cylinder reservoir cap. So I always put a paper towel with zip tie around it. But lately the paper towel has been soaked in fluid with fluid also ending up around the master cylinder area...
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  16. COBB Tuning 718 Access Ports

    Arcflash LLC
    PORSCHE 718 BOXSTER / CAYMAN POWER GAINS Base models of the 718 Boxster and Cayman utilize a turbocharged 2.0L motor. The factory boost levels of around 20.3 psi is good for a rated 300 HP and 280 TQ. That translated into 301 HP and 303 TQ to the wheels for recorded baseline dyno runs. Our...
  17. Excess Engine Oil Removal

    981 DIY Discussion
    I got a yellow warning on excess oil level yesterday but disappeared this morning. I used 7.9 Liters during my DIY change oil last year. I am guessing I might have about extra 0.4 Liter oil as User Manual is only 7.5 Li for drain/refill. Can you extract oil from the top cap? If so, what diameter...
  18. Hose holder found loose under hood - How/where to put it back in place?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    Boxster S (981) 2013 I found a loose part in the frunk under the plastic cover (where the battery can be found). See attached pictures: There is a part number on it (991.511.651.01.FFF L) Thanks to this number, I could identify it: Hose holder left. Now I have no clue where it belongs and how...
  19. Locking Without the Remote

    981 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    Is it possible to lock a 981BS without using the remote? I know one can do this from inside the car, by pressing the lock button in the middle of the dash, but the driver's side door remains open after exiting the car and closing the door. Other cars I've driven all have a locking mechanism...
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