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  1. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    I have an 06 Cayman S for sale. New clutch, Pressure plate and throw out bearing (installed October 2018) 6 New Plugs and 2 coil packs (not installed yet) 2 new tie rods (not installed yet) It is High mileage, bone stock and has severe sun damage/paint damage in several areas, I have waxed...
  2. PORSCHE Cars FOR SALE/WANTED (Members Only)
    I am the original owner. Car has never been in an accident. There is a parking lot scrape on the back bumper and front bumper. Car has about 89k on it. Engine runs fine. It was my daily driver for years. Mostly highway miles. 6 speed was taken out and had Guard 3-5 close ratio gears put in...
  3. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    Selling my 2005 boxster custom fit car cover. Used for 4 winters, but car was in a heated garage. The cover has never seen rain or dirt so it is as new. This is a thick and waterproof cover, very nice and fits great. $100 which includes shipping up to $20, if shipping is over $20 buyer pays the...
  4. 981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Got the call from Porsche, they want to swap out the transmission in my GT4 (nothing wrong, just a preventative recall so that I don't get the 3rd gear issue - which I haven't ever had). Anything to look out for from anyone who has had this done? Can I keep my original transmission? I mean...
  5. Blog
    I'm casually interested, at least to begin with, on how much fuel this thing is eating up. Given the price of gasoline in Europe, its an interesting number to have in mind. Here are the stats since I picked up the car. This includes all highway driving, 5 days of commuting stop-an-go in the...
  6. Cayman Engine Swap Photos

    all done and getting a wash
1-20 of 126 Results