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  1. I am sooo excited

    981 Chat
    I am supposed to get my car back Friday after 18 days in the body shop for the replacement of the left rear quarter panel after it got crushed by a no-license no-insurance idiot (see previous thread title Today Was a Bad Day). It went in for paint today so there is a *chance* it might be...
  2. Porsche Day at Larz Anderson Museum Sat., Sep. 12

    U.S. Northeast (Nor'Easters) Region
    Is anyone from the New England area going to Porsche Day at the Larz Anderson Museum this Sat., Sep 12? It is in Brookline MA and starts at 9:00 am if you are entering to show and 10:00 am for spectators. It is too late to register online so it would be $30.00 to enter and $10.00 each for...
  3. Recent track day at Castle Combe

    987 Cayman and Boxster Pictures & Video
    A couple of photos from a track day I did recently at Castle Combe.
  4. Option DAY

    Option DAY

    Croc leather option DAY