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  1. 981 DIY Discussion
    I have a set of bumper plugs ready to go but I can’t find how to remove the OE front plate mount. Does anyone know where I could find that? My state does not require front plates. Thanks!
  2. Club 911 - General Discussion
    If a US vehicle is changed over to KMs, via the toggle switch, the digital speedo shows KM/hr. However, does anyone know if the odometer reading also converts to KMs, or does it stay as Miles? Thanks!
  3. 987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Does anyone still make a ducktail spoiler or does anyone know where I can get one? A lot of the companies from a few years ago don't seem to be making them anymore.
  4. 987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    Hi, I recently purchased the Xtrons headunit to replace my 07 old navigation system. But, only the small speakers are playing, not the once's that are connected to my ASK amplifier, and yes, i have received the optical unit and this has a red light at the optical plug, so this parts seems...
  5. 987 DME Diagnostic ODBII Codes (2005-06)
    Have 2006 987 Boxster Base 2.7. Got the Check Engine Light a few days ago and when I attached the ODBCII device received the code identified above. Google search suggests it may be a disconnected or damaged vacuum hose. Does that sound right or is the issue likely something different? There are...
  6. 981 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    UPDATE: longer video posted: Does this sound normal? Happens mostly when warm, but can hear slightly when cold as well.
  7. Club 911 - General Discussion
    Hi! After driving Audi’s for over ten years, I’m finally making the leap. In the process of purchasing a 2016 4s coupe and will likely have a ton of questions but will start with just a few ... thank you 8n advance ! The car I’m consider8ng has sports Chrono but not PSE.. all my recent Audi’s...
  8. 981 Cayman and Boxster Configurations and Ordering
    Does anyone know how to remove the top satellite antenna? Does it only attach from inside under headliner or can it be removed from outside? I am looking to wrap the roof is why I want to remove antenna cover temporary during wrap.
  9. U.S. Northeast (Nor'Easters) Region
    When my 718C arrives in May I want to have ceramic coating put on. Does anyone know of a good shop that does that in CT/MA? I found a shop on the web close to my dealer but don’t know anything about them. Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings by Unique Car Care, Boston, MA
  10. News Items What does it mean to drive a Porsche? Planet-9 is giving away Free Insider memberships to anyone who responds to this topic thread with a reply about how they feel about owning and driving a Porsche. To qualify the...
  11. U.S. Southern Region
    Back home, I knew all the best roads to drive on (i.e. winding back roads with minimal cops). Unfortunately, the lowcountry is pretty flat and I haven't been able to find many twisty, fun roads. Does anyone have some suggestions for where to go for a good drive? Thanks in advance!
  12. 981 Chat
    I recently purchased a 14 BS (great car - CPO). While I like the dealer, I know that dealer maintenance is very expensive. Does anyone know of an independent shop that does good work and is reasonably priced. I live halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. Thanks for any help.
  13. 981 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    My 2014 BS with sport chrono package has developed a strange symptom. It's a very loud creak (you can even feel the vibration from the creak; it's that loud) that only shows up under the following circumstances: 1. At very low speed (e.g. entering a driveway or parking space, only while...
  14. 718 Chat
    Hi, Does anyone here have a 718 with PASM (-10mm) and Sports Suspension (-20mm)... so overall your car is 30mm lower? I'm in the process of speccing a new 718 GTS, and would love to see the difference with all of the above. Thank you in advance. Mark
  15. Club 911 - General Discussion
    Hey all, I'm a long time Porsche fan, finally moving onto the next step. My budget is around $90K, maybe a little higher. I've owned a couple Corvettes in the past, a 1996 and a 2002 Z06. After driving a 2017 Caymen S, I'm no longer disgusted by the thought of an automatic, the PDK is...
  16. 981 Chat
    Does anyone know what might be causing my door panel to separate? There does not seem to be any way to snap it back into position.
  17. 981 Chat
    I am worried that it is some sort of sensor....LOL. Does anyone know the purpose of this sticker ?
  18. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Hi Guys I'm trying to source a DMF for my 987.2 Cayman S as I want to change it while I'm changing the clutch. Thing is I can't find a supplier apart from Porsche main dealer which is £850! There does not seem to be a quality alternative like Sachs or LUK etc Does anyone know of anywhere I...
1-18 of 80 Results