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  1. 2007 Cayman S for Sale

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    Price reduced to $22,000. 2nd owner, all records since 7k miles. Tiptronic, bi-xenon, heated seats. Brand new Conti Extreme Contact Sports. Recent fluids change. Garaged, meticulous care with Griot's products. Well maintained and in great condition. Located in Virginia Beach, VA 757-635-0892...
  2. My new gts

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    Great car, nice analog feel
  3. Trailex 7541-EB for sale $5000

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    Trailex 7541-EB for sale. Has tire rack, wind screen, spare tire, all LED lights (great), elecric brakes, new chains, etc. Please ignore car make and model - I had to put something in. In great shape with regular frequent maintenance including bearings, brakes, leaf springs, etc. All tires...
  4. 718 GTS Tune Questions

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    Just curious if anyone on here has the Cobb Stage 1 tune or any others and how much of a difference it truly makes. I think the extra power would be great, but I also wouldn't want to spin the tires halfway through 1st either. Thanks in advance
  5. MaxJax on sale

    981 DIY Discussion
    I have no affiliation whatsoever, just a satisfied customer, but I received an email from Dannmar today that their MaxJax is on sale for $1699 delivered in the 48 states. Great price, less than I paid for mine several years ago. And their customer service is excellent, they took care of...
  6. This is Borla on a 981 BS

    Borla Performance Industries Tell me that doesn't sound great.
  7. Black Friday Deals - Sales Start Now!

    Flat 6 Motorsports
    Some great savings! Including: AWE Tuning Exhausts Flat 6 Motorsports (Intakes & Custom Tuning) Remus Exhausts Cobb Accessports Pedal Commanders Raceseng Shift Knobs EVOMS Tuning BBI Autosports Products
  8. S Model Anyone have a "Top Gear" Exhaust or anyone heard any feedback from someone who has???

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Anyone have a "Top Gear" Exhaust or anyone heard any feedback from someone who has??? has great prices but does anyone have their exhaust??? Some testimonials would be great!!! Thanks
  9. Stance Wheels SF Series & SC Series | Light Weight Custom Tailor Program | Team VIBE

    Vibe Motorsports
    Stance Wheels SF Series & SC Series | Light Weight Custom Tailor Program | Team VIBE STANCE WHEELS with 15 years of experience in the wheel industry, Stance wheels strives to create new and unique designs. Available from 18"-22" wheels in a wide range of widths and offsets. Stance wheels...
  10. K-Man S: Gone Missing!

    General Off-Topic
    Greetings! I am dropping in because a few of you have reached out to me wanting to know where I have been. I haven't been trying to avoid you or this site, I have simply had a major upheaval in my personal life that is affecting me deeply and many days I don't even get on the computer as it...
  11. PParrett's 07 Cayman S Build

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Hello all! Just took ownership of this 2007 Cayman S here in San Diego. New to the forums but looking forward to making a few small improvements while sharing some pictures and thoughts along the way. From my searches so far, this looks like a great community. Current Modifications...
  12. Baby NSX?

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    Patent drawings from Honda/Acura on the rumored baby NSX Patent Drawings Uncover Baby Acura NSX That'll Leave Caymans Shaking More competition in the affordable mid-engine market would be great. Hopefully it's a 6-cyl even if turbo.
  13. 2013 Porsche Boxster S - video review

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    This Boxster sounds great
  14. What car is P teasing?

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    What Is This Car Porsche Keeps Teasing? - The Drive The great minds on this site should help with the answer...
  15. Installed Cayman R side stripes today

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    Hi there, I installed my Cayman R stripes today, and the first one came out great. I made a mistake on the LHS one. I was not thinking, and wet the backing before peeling it off. This resulted in the paper peeling off, and sticking to the vinyl. Was able to scrape most of it off, but...
  16. Boxster/Cayman modifications guidelines

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Shameless plug, I just posted on Panjo two books relating to Boxsters and Caymans, the 101 Projects for your Boxster book from Pelican, and the 2006 Cayman S Service Information booklet from Porsche, great source of info, and it too relates to the Boxster just as the former book covers the 987...
  17. First month with my 2010 Cayman S and some questions

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Hi everyone, Since a month I’m the proud owner of my first Porsche; a 2010 Cayman S MT in Atlas Grey, It has the Bose system, electric memory seats (they are great!), 19” BBS wheels, PCM 3.0, Park Assist and some other things. It has 83k km (51.5k miles) on the clock and has full service...
  18. Charlotte Area Shop

    Porsche Care and Detailing
    Found great shop in the Lake Norman Area, Autohaus of Lake Norman, 704-966-0466, great prices and they work on higher end cars....
  19. Cyber Monday TV Recommendations?

    General Off-Topic
    I have a question about current television offerings. Several years ago I picked up a really nice Panasonic 65 inch plasma TV, I forget the exact model number but I remember we had a discussion about it hear and the general consensus was that it was a great TV and would last me several years...
  20. Porsche Panamera Turbo

    Middle Eastern Forum
    Hello everyone here. I just want to tell you that I was fascinated with this car. I just saw one earlier and I'm curious about. It has a great body that will definitely catch your attention. Can you please give some feedbacks about the car? Any suggestion would be great :)