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  1. Anybody convince Porsche that their steel bolt into aluminum knuckle is a defect?

    981 DIY Discussion
    I had the misfortune of having my lower caliper bolt strip. I was using a torque wrench and I wasn't even near the torquing point when it failed. I think its because I change my pads too often (14 times over the last 7 track events). I've contacted a local shop that I use and they say it...
  2. Porsche changed the oil drain plug part

    981 DIY Discussion
    I had a problem recently with getting the oil drain plug off. As a number of others have experienced, I had the Allen head strip and had to use a tool to remove it. I read a number of reviews suggesting that I either did not insert the Allen bit all the way or previously had over tightened. I...
  3. FS: 987.1 aFe MACH Force-Xp Cat-Back Exhaust System

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    FS: Used aFe MACH Force-Xp Cat-Back exhaust system Steps from 2" connector to 2.5" piping. Includes helmholtz chamber design to minimize drone and a crossover balance tube. (Yes, there is still some drone in low rpms) This systems re-uses a stock exhaust Y pipe, or any stock-equivalent...
  4. Is this thing on???

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Ok for those who emailed me about the Classifieds not working because trying to post a new listing here was kicking off the process to list something on the now defunct Panjo, please give it a try again and let me know if it works. I went into the plumbing and pulled out all the old Panjo items...
  5. Transmission Swap???

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Got the call from Porsche, they want to swap out the transmission in my GT4 (nothing wrong, just a preventative recall so that I don't get the 3rd gear issue - which I haven't ever had). Anything to look out for from anyone who has had this done? Can I keep my original transmission? I mean...
  6. Were my threads deleted?

    Community Help
    I haven't been on here for about 8 months but previously I had posted a couple threads, that had gotten helpful replies. Now they don't show up. It doesn't show up that I have EVER posted anything. What's going on?
  7. 718 Rear Exterior-Rocker Molding removal

    718 Chat
    Only issue I've found so far on the C&D long term 718 BS I bought is that the rear rocker panels in the area below the air intakes look like they got sandblasted. The front of the car already had a clear protective film and looks pretty good still, so no issues there or anywhere else other than...
  8. My 981 defective head light shell fix

    981 DIY Discussion
    I tried something this past weekend that may be of interest to others. Sorry, unfortunately I don't have pictures, but I will explain what was done. My 2013 BB has checking around the top perimeter of the plastic headlight surrounds (gray area). It is unsightly and I was considering replacing...
  9. 981 Boxster need to access throttle body.

    981 DIY Discussion
    I keep getting a fault code (1552) which indicates a bad "Idle air valve" Took it to the dealer whom charged me $180 to look up and clear the code (I had already done this, I was looking for a definitive diagnosis) He said if the code came back I would likely need to change the throttle body...
  10. Porsche production

    United Kingdom, Ireland Region
    Hi all Dose anybody know when Porsche production will resume for the EU market They had to stop production for the new emissions testing in Europe
  11. Legroom Cayman vs. Boxster

    981 Chat
    I tested for the first time the Cayman today and had the feeling that there is significantly more legroom vs the Boxster. I owned a 2014 Boxster and loved it, but the legroom was awful. In the Cayman I had the feeling that I could almost completely stretch out my legs. How are your experiences...
  12. Indianapolis 2018

    987 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    The only DE I planned to participate in during 2018 was the Indy DE. After studying my 2017 videos, I had several changes planned for this year – straightening out the esses (T5-6 and T8-9) as well as going deeper into T11 and T14. The biggest change planned was to not downshift to 2nd in T1...
  13. Boxster not track broken, tends to pee on carpet.

    981 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    While doing a DE at Grattan Raceway in Belding, MI on July 28th, the coolant line clamp that goes to the passenger side radiator came apart dumping all my coolant on the track. Luckily the track didn't charge me for clean-up. However this did bring my track session to a close though. Friends...
  14. I think I just bought the cheapest 987 Boxster currently for sale! Thoughts?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Hello hello everyone! I've recently picked up a 2005 Boxster for what I think is quite a good deal! The car is a high mileage example, however after searching online for similar Boxsters I think I may have picked up one of the cheapest in the country. Here's what I know about the car! 2005...
  15. Finally back in a Cayman S

    981 Chat
    When I turned 30 I decided I wanted to get something nice, and I really only ever loved the Cayman, since they first came out back in 06, So then in 2011, I bought a 2006 Cayman S, had it for 4 years then sold it, in 2015 I bought another black Cayman S with PDK, loved it, it was a lower spec...
  16. Racing Air Oil Separator

    987 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    Greetings: I was running my car (2007 Cayman S) at COTA this weekend and had a stressful event that I am hoping will just be a failed AOS (again...replaced less than two years ago) After a high speed corner then short straight where I hit 6800 RPM - Car lost power and generated a hug plume of...
  17. Driver door rattle

    981 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    I About a week ago I opened the door and heard a loud clanking, like something had fallen down inside the door. I didn’t see anything and the window seemed to work fine. I notice a Phillips bit on the ground and thought maybe it had fallen out of my pocket or I had it in the door pocket. Now...
  18. copart car vin#WP0CA29964S651036 junk engine beware!

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    Hey guys! New to the forum so bear with me. Trying to get my feet wet in the 911 community since i just bought a low mile 996 4s. Love machining, tools, and engine rebuilding. I have been in the car business for about 15 years starting as a machinist moving to a mechanic for my cousins shop in...
  19. S Model 1st post buying 07 Cayman S

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    So been searching, reading and learning a bit... Just a "Hi'... Was looking at a 06 S with 73K miles in Carmon Red Metallic / tan interior (no sport chrono). I really liked that color but the car itself had some interior issues and the PPI showed it needed brakes which were thin and lipped...
  20. Horrible Scraping Noise

    987 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    Last week, my car suddenly started making a horrible scraping noise form the left rear wheel area. It is speed dependent, and it gets louder when you turn right, and much quieter when you turn left. It also refuses to make any noise when it is up on a lift, which is maddening. My first thought...