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  1. KW HAS Suspension Kit on a 718 Cayman - Boxter

    718 Chat
    Just wondering if anyone has an experience with the KW Height Adjustable Suspension (HAS) kits? Essentially is an adjustable coil over kit but retains the factory damper system, ie., PASM, but can't seem to find much info on it for the 718. I was reading this post about the 911 KW HAS kit and...
  2. IN STOCK: Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers

    Flat 6 Motorsports
    Some of you guys might have been facing out of stocks over the last year or so. We have some kits ready to ship so I just wanted to announce it for anyone who has been waiting! We have them for the 981 as well...
  3. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    Dear Planet-9 Community Members, Over the past year, there have been updates to your community environment that have introduced challenges in usability and performance. We sincerely apologize if you have been negatively impacted. Efforts to improve the technology, user interface, and site...
  4. 991 Oil Filter Housing

    981 DIY Discussion
    Has anyone tried replacing the 981 oil filter housing with the housing from a 3.4L 991? The 991 housing has a 36mm "nut" molded into the end and would be a lot easier than trying to use a 14 flute tool that slips around the housing and doesn't allow a straight extension angle...
  5. New 6 confirmed

    718 Chat
    From Evo, Porsche has already confirmed the next Macan will be a pure electric car and that the Taycan-based Cross Turismo concept will arrive in production form in 2020, and Blume is clear that Porsche has to build the right cars for the right markets. So while Europe and the US has little...
  6. 2008 Cayman S

    Porsche Car Classifieds (Members)
    I am the original owner. Car has never been in an accident. There is a parking lot scrape on the back bumper and front bumper. Car has about 89k on it. Engine runs fine. It was my daily driver for years. Mostly highway miles. 6 speed was taken out and had Guard 3-5 close ratio gears put in...
  7. No Lift Shift In 718?

    718 Chat
    Hi, Can anyone confirm if a manual 718 has ‘no lift shift’? In particular, the new GT4?
  8. FS: 04 Boxster S Special Edition

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Hello all! A Porsche enthusiast friend of mine recommended I post this here. I am selling my 04 Boxster S Special Edition (aka Limited/Anniversary Edition). 1,953 were built and this one is number 1,192. Its just shy of 82,500 miles. Because its an 04 it has all the cumulative model year...
  9. Numeric Racing Short Shifter- For Sale- Brand New

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    I am selling a brand new shifter. I had bought two and now I am selling one of the cars I was going to put it into. This is a great upgrade, I highly recommend this shifter. It has changed the way my car drives. It's solid. Fits the 996, 997, 986, 987 models. It has been sitting in my garage...
  10. 2009 Cayman S (987.2) 6-Speed For Sale

    Porsche Car Classifieds (Members)
    Year: 2009 Make: Porsche Model: Cayman Cont. Porsche Models: Cayman S Mileage (numbers only please): 37452 Options (Please check ALL which apply): Airbags, Air Conditioning, Alarm System, Antilock Brakes, Cruise Control, Foglamps, Intermittent Wipers, Leather Seats, Power Brakes, Power Door...
  11. 2009 Cayman S (987.2) 6-Speed For Sale

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Year: 2009 Make: Porsche Model: Cayman Cont. Porsche Models: Cayman S Mileage (numbers only please): 37452 Options (Please check ALL which apply): Airbags, Air Conditioning, Alarm System, Antilock Brakes, Cruise Control, Foglamps, Intermittent Wipers, Leather Seats, Power Brakes, Power Door...
  12. Why I'm not ordering a 718 GT4

    718 Chat
    I've been asked by several people if I am ordering the new GT4 and the answer is simply No. I would just say No, but everyone wants reasons, so here are some of MY reason (don't have to apply to anyone else) and in no particular order. 1) The 4.0L engine does not rev as quickly as the older...
  13. Transmission Swap???

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Got the call from Porsche, they want to swap out the transmission in my GT4 (nothing wrong, just a preventative recall so that I don't get the 3rd gear issue - which I haven't ever had). Anything to look out for from anyone who has had this done? Can I keep my original transmission? I mean...
  14. 2018 Leftover Inventory is huge.

    718 Chat
    What will happen with the 2018 leftover 2018 inventory? On just Autotrader there are over 250 718 in various configs. Plus, the used market is bursting open with very low mileage 718 cars. Is is time to pursue $25k to $30k off a $85 to $95k 718? These cars have been sitting for 400 or more days...
  15. Tennessee Looking to buy a Boxster S - where can I drive one?

    U.S. Southern Region
    Hi all! I have owned my little 2004 Honda S2000 for the last 9 years and I love it. But I am looking to upgrade and I am not sure to what! It has to be a convertible and it has to FEEL like an upgrade, if that makes sense. Boxster S feels like the direction I want to go. I am thinking 981...
  16. 718 Side Vent Install Pics or Video?

    718 Chat
    Has anyone documented the process of removing and reinstalling the side vents on a 718? If so, can you point me to the pics and/or video please? Thanks in advance!
  17. HRE Wheels Full Forged Series | Track, Street or for Show | Quality & Perfection

    Vibe Motorsports
    HRE Wheels has been one of the leading manufacturers in the aftermarket wheel industry for well over 30 years. Their vast knowledge and expertise provides some of the most unique, and best quality multi-piece custom forged wheels the world has come to know. Manufactured in Vista, CA, HRE Wheels...
  18. Noticeable Difference with 200 cell cats?

    718 Chat
    Hey everyone, I have a 718 S that currently has the AWE track exhaust. I'm now looking into replacing the stock cats to get even more volume/power out of the car. Is it a noticeable difference to go from the stock cats to 200 cell ones? Has anyone here done it? Having a hard time finding actual...
  19. Interior Touch Up Paint?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    I noticed the dealers don't have any kind of touch up paint for the silver pieces of the interior. Wanted to touch up some of the chips around the base of the shift gate. Has anyone found a particular paint/tone that matches?
  20. No-haggle pricing Porsche Dealers

    Porsche Sales & Leasing
    My Porsche dealer in Virginia Beach has gone to no haggle pricing for car sales. I do not know how much the cars are discounted. Is this common for Porsche dealers? I would be interested if anyone has experienced this.