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  1. Is this thing on???

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Ok for those who emailed me about the Classifieds not working because trying to post a new listing here was kicking off the process to list something on the now defunct Panjo, please give it a try again and let me know if it works. I went into the plumbing and pulled out all the old Panjo items...
  2. Car For Sale Forum

    Porsche Car Classifieds (Members)
    Since some members have expressed concerns with trying to sell a car through the Panjo/Tapatalk based Classified ads we decided to open up a separate forum for Cars for sale ONLY. (Parts, clothing, etc. still need to go into the Panjo/Tapatalk Classifieds). Everyone should be able to View and...
  3. Image Viewing Troubles

    Community Help
    Testing Kevin
  4. 3.8 conversion - Vision

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Has anyone purchased a 3.8 DFI engine from vision motorsports? Looking into a engine swap.
  5. Please Help... Can't Get Into Car

    981 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    Hi, When I got into my car yesterday, it wouldn't start. I went and got a battery jump pack today, but when I tried to unlock the door, it wouldn't open... not even a sound out of the car, so i'm sure the battery is totally dead now. Can anyone advise as to how I can get into my car? Your...
  6. Porsche cancelled my 718 Boxster S

    718 Chat
    I got the call from my dealer on Tuesday: he had just returned from a Porsche conference where it was announced that all the US allocations for 718 Boxster Ss were being re-routed to Europe. That meant the car I ordered in December and expected in April was now a figment of my imagination. If I...
  7. 17' 718 Boxster S having OVERHEATING Issue already!!

    718 Chat
    Hello, folks So, I Purchased Brand new 2017 Boxster S model this May. Took it to the track at 2500 mile, 3-4 laps on track and I noticed that it only make 5 psi of boost at the max. Oil temp reading was 235-240 F, Outside temp was 85F. Wasn't able to finish the entire trackday due to the...
  8. Hardwiring radar detector and dashcam. What fuse to tap into?

    718 Chat
    Hey All, Doing some mods (clear side markers and clear wind deflector installed) to the car but this is likely the biggest for now. Looking to hardware both my escort max as well as my dashcam to the fuse box. I’m just trying to figure out which would be the best fuse to tap into. Do not...
  9. Trailer hitch and bike rack current status?

    981 Chat
    Sorry, been away from the forum a while. Still very interested in a hitch for the 981, is there any hope anywhere for a plug-n-play solution? Plus, if not, that would preclude using my bike rack that plugs into a 1-1/" hitch and I'd like a way to avoid borrowing the wife's S2000 every time I...
  10. Paddle shift into Neutral

    718 Chat
    I saw this on a video about a 911 but it works on the 718 as well. If you pull both paddle shifters toward you (clearly you must have PDK), it shifts the car into neutral. Just a little trick if you didn't already know.
  11. PDP Side Scoop Review 987.1

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    At parade I wandered upon this beautiful yellow cayman that had these amazing looking intake scoops. I eventually ran into the guy who just so happened to be the owner of PDP. After much consideration I pulled the trigger and ordered some. Super easy to install. You remove the entire factory...
  12. Mission E - Can it compete with Tesla?

    Automotive Off Topic - The Largest Porsche Taycan Forum, Community And Owner's Club As some of you may already know I recently purchased a Tesla Model S P85+ after doing a lot of research into what I wanted and driving several different...
  13. Cayman S loud bang, no gears

    987 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    Coming off Hiway and stopped at intersection. Let out clutch to accelerate and loud bang, then no gears, coasted into parking space. Engine seems to run fine without sound but will not go into any gears.Clutch in shifts fine, clutch out shifts fine, will not engage ant gear. 6 speed manual...
  14. GT4 - More Video - More Metrics!

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    I dug into the VIRB a bit more and grabbed all the important metrics from within the camera itself, next time I'll link via BT to the OBDII port and get even more, but for now enjoy this update!
  15. Stupid? Distracted? Or Just Don't Care?

    Automotive Off Topic
    Sometimes you see concrete barriers in the front of parking spaces where you pull in. These are known as "Parking Stops" or blocks. Today I was walking into a building and someone pulled into a handicapped spot and I heard CRUNCH. And they must have done some serious damage to the plastic on the...
  16. Added a cell phone mount to my '13 981 Boxster

    981 DIY Discussion
    I like to keep my cell phone handy when on the road. I usually have WAZE and other travel apps in use when traveling. The problem was finding a mount that wouldn't be problematical. Vent mounts always had me worried that they'd break the vents, CD Mounts block the center screen, and suction...
  17. 987 Seat Bolts / Eye Bolts Source??

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Hey guys....anyone ever run across an eyebolt like this that would thread into and replace the oem seat bolt??? Thanks!
  18. 981 Cayman 2.7 Manual - Difficulty getting into reverse in the morning

    981 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    I have about 47k miles on the car, and on cold mornings, after starting up the car, after being parked overnight, I am having difficulty getting it into reverse. I have to put it in second, then it will go into reverse. And recently, until the car has warmed up a bit, it's also difficult to get...
  19. Cyber Monday TV Recommendations?

    General Off-Topic
    I have a question about current television offerings. Several years ago I picked up a really nice Panasonic 65 inch plasma TV, I forget the exact model number but I remember we had a discussion about it hear and the general consensus was that it was a great TV and would last me several years...
  20. The Grand Tour @ Amazon Prime

    Automotive Off Topic
    Just finished The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime... in one sentence: It's the FUNNIEST ever, very ENTERTAINING and BBC Top Gear is dead to me. In details without spoilers: 1) The British vs American ongoing jokes were hilarious. 2) The celebrities segment was hilarious. 3) The M2 part was so...