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  1. Question Front Body Drain / Grommet

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Hi, So I was cleaning today, and was trying furiously (with one hand twisted one way, the other twisted another way) to remove one of the grommets/body drains from the front of my 2009 Boxster S. In spite (because) of all my efforts, I ended up pressing the grommet down through, into the hole...
  2. Window Sticker Interest Poll - Please Respond!

    News Items
    Ok I have found a place to make window stickers and I either need to buy 100, 250 or 500, buying 500 is the most economical in terms of cost per unit, but given the overall costs I'm not going to be able to send these out to people free of charge. In other words what I will need for members to...
  3. Going to WERKS tomorrow -- leaving very, very early....

    Events Forum
    Two things: One: I'm pretty excited about heading down to WERKS reunion. I have set my alarm at 04:30 and plan to leave at 5 or 5:15... (I'm 68+ and it takes me a bit longer to get out of the house than it used to. I charged up my camera, mounted a wide angle for those "dramatic" fender...
  4. 718 Camera Question

    718 Chat
    Do all 718's have backup cameras? I seem to recall some sort of federal mandate for them on 2017+ cars but don't recall if that was put into place or not, hence asking if all 718's have them or not and if they do, where do they put the camera unit?
  5. Be thankful the 718 doesn't look like this!

    Automotive Off Topic
    Car and Driver I would rather walk or ride my bicycle than drive this hideous thing. Looks like the front end was dipped in coal tar and dried in the sun. The rear was randomly melted into some 'organic'-looking shapes. And then lights were stuck into various orifices to complete the look. How...
  6. Boxster S 987.2 full Bluetooth support via AUX port in PCM

    987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    I purchased a PT-810 for $7.00. It works like a charm in my 987.2 with IPOD support via the PCM. Plug the PT-810 into the USB, and the 3.5mm audio cable into the aux-in port and you are all set. Youtube review on the product is here: Now, I can use...
  7. Confused by Dension 500S

    987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    I just purchased a used 987.1 w/ PCM & Bose that came with a Dension in the glovebox. There wasn't much information with it, there was a pamphlet that had hardware installation instructions for "500S / 500S BT" so I'm assuming it's one of those. I did find a microphone up around the headliner...
  8. Restoring a 993 Carrera, interior help

    911 Classics
    A friend of mine is restoring a 993 Carrera he bought last year. He restored everything mechanical and electrical about the car at the dealer costing him an arm and a leg. He even ordered the new 2015 Porsche Navi for classic Porsches. He's a Ferrari collector, not into Porsches, and he refers...
  9. Poor little Cayman gets punted into a bldg...

    987 Cayman and Boxster Pictures & Video
    Posted to FB today, a fellow in an Avalanche is said to have had a seizure and run into the parked Cayman, which was then pushed into a dental office. Hopefully everyone's OK.
  10. A philosophical question: better to get paid to work, or get paid to not work?

    General Off-Topic
    I was considering the generational parenting aspects of this today. I mean, the hardest thing I have to do to earn my paycheck, is to run towards gunfire. Occasionally I have to run into a burning building (without the specialized breathing apparatus that the fire fighters have). I mean, sure...
  11. 2017 991.2 Unveiling

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    Got invited to 991.2 unveiling tonight at my dealer, thought I would share a quick pic (Love the color). Also found this beauty hiding in the garage (to ensure 981 content); felt like I was cheating on my baby. ;)...
  12. Some shifting questions on my new manual Cayman

    981 Chat
    Yesterday I bought a 2016 Black Edition Cayman which has a manual gear box. I haven't driven a standard car in over 20 years but I did learn and drive a manual Ford Mustang as my first car. Does anyone have some tips and guidance on how best to shift in this car? I'm having a heck of a time...
  13. LA Sights

    Recommended Driving Routes
    Terry Smith & I spent most of last week in LA together. We went to three car museums; The Petersen, The Mullin Collection, and the Nethercutt Collection. Drove thru most of the hills north of Malibu, along the coast from El Segundo south to Palos Verdes, and an abbreviated (due to a rock...
  14. Seat belt rubbing into seat

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    So looks like my seat belt is rubbing into the seat leather. Any one have suggestion what I can to do keep it from getting worse?
  15. Will Jegs floor jack work with Jackpoint?

    981 Chat
    Anyone have this jack, and do you know if it will fit into a Jackpoint stand? Thanks JEGS Performance Products 80006, JEGS Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack | JEGS Performance Products
  16. Which Direction is "right" for automatic shifters?

    981 Chat
    When I bought my wife's BMW X1 I knew it shift "backwards". Because the shifting pattern in auto-drive was exactly the opposite of Porsche, and we all know Porsche cannot be wrong. But that got me thinking... How "right" is Porsche? When we started, we all had manual's with a classic shift...
  17. What to do when about to be rear ended

    Automotive Off Topic
    Driving on Michigan roads in winter feels like being on battlefield. Nobody puts winter tires, so at every slightest snowfall or icy conditions cars are flying off the road left and right. Rear ending is a common place on city roads, as people still tailgating extremely close, with no chance in...
  18. What is your average miles/month you are putting on your 981?

    981 Chat
    There were two other threads related to this topic but it was difficult to normalize the data and take into account different ages of cars etc. At the request...
  19. GT4 wandering in NYC

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Almost went into the wrong store! LND_2907 by Peter Moy, on Flickr That's better LND_2909-2 by Peter Moy, on Flickr LND_2902 by Peter Moy, on Flickr
  20. Is there a doctor in the house?

    General Off-Topic
    I am a 53 year old non-smoking male, in generally good health. I spent my Christmas eve working 28 hours separated by three hours of sleep. Went to an in-progress burglary to assist my brother officers, and I found the burglar in the house. We had to use force to take the burglar into...