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  1. Why I'm not ordering a 718 GT4

    718 Chat
    I've been asked by several people if I am ordering the new GT4 and the answer is simply No. I would just say No, but everyone wants reasons, so here are some of MY reason (don't have to apply to anyone else) and in no particular order. 1) The 4.0L engine does not rev as quickly as the older...
  2. looking for pointers to videos on replacing coils on a BS

    981 DIY Discussion
    I can find ones on previous models but none on current models. The closest I found was replacing the exhaust. After my fiasco with a failed #6 coil ending my track weekend early, I would like to see if its possible for me to replace these in situ. Thanks in advance.
  3. New Product - Raceseng PDK Shifters

    Flat 6 Motorsports
    We're very excited to offer the new Raceseng PDK Shifters. Raceseng kills it with shift knobs and now they're offering a nice extension to the PDK folks. If you don't like the size and orientation of the newer style PDK paddles, these are an amazing compliment. Learn More...
  4. Cayman GTS winter wheels

    718 Chat
    I’m about to take delivery of a 2019 Cayman GTS and would like some advice on wheel brands for winter tires. I would like to buy 19 inch wheels and probably use Michelin Alpins. I would also like to stick with the black finish. I am not looking for forged wheels, too expensive for winter use. I...
  5. 718 GT4 - Success or Failure?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Ok I'm starting to get enough questions of "Hey are you trading your existing GT4 in on a new one?" that I thought I would pose the question to all of you about what would make the new 718 GT4 a success or failure. While I am not planning to trade or buy one, here are some thoughts from my...
  6. 718 GTS multifunction torque display

    718 Chat
    The multifunction display on the 718 GTS has an intriguing torque display is not discussed in the owners manual or anyplace online that I can find. It appears to show the instantaneous engine torque as a function of engine RPM. The display looks kind of like the g-force display with a glowing...
  7. Painting wheels

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Who has done this? I see it mentioned but no details, I have the standard silver finish on my GTS wheels and I think I'd like to change to the platinum look. Who should I get to do it?
  8. Newbie Questions 2011 Porsche Cayman ( Base) - Lighting

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Base 2011 Cayman with 50K So I set the PCM to have daytime driving lights on , but it looks like it just uses the lowbeams, although the book mentions turning on the lowbeams if you need more light ? Also can the time/duration of lights left on be changed after leaving car . It looks like it...
  9. Why no 718/982 subsections like the previous generations?

    718 Chat
    Just curious. Seems like everything gets dumped into one section.
  10. GPS Antenna Connector - Wiring Harness Side

    987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    SOLVED - GPS Antenna Connector - Wiring Harness Side My windshield was replaced and the GPS antenna connector was damaged. One of the little parts that makes up the ground contact on the outside was broken off. I can get it to connect but from time to time it seems to work itself loose and...
  11. Metallic bearing noice from engine

    987 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    Might be impossible for anyone to help, but I've got a metallic rubbing noise, like a bearing failing, coming from the right side of the engine. It's engine speed dependent and is at it's worse around 2000-3000 rpm. My first thought was the waterpump - i sounds exactly like the early stages of...
  12. baby... car seat question....

    718 Chat
    Once again sorry if this has been asked before..... I tried some keyword search and nothing useful comes up. With everyone's help I finally got a 718 (dark blue, but otherwise pretty basic...). This won't be my daily commute car, but in case of emergency (like if the 4 seater in the shop), I...
  13. ECU, PSM, Auto Start/Stop Fail Symptoms --> Bad Coil

    981 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    Just wanted to give a head's up to the 981 crowd about the failure modes for coils. I was driving along on my daily commute and about 20-min in, all hell broke loose. It started with a PSM fail message, followed a few seconds afterward by an ECU fault and Auto Start/Stop fail message. Car...
  14. Search function down

    Community Help
    Looks like at least yesterday and today
  15. Best place to source a "logo light " for door light on a 2011 Cayman

    981 DIY Discussion
    I kinda like the idea, don't want it to look cheesy tho?
  16. Installing Zunsport Grills

    981 DIY Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone has installed Zunsport's grill sets? I have a 2014 Caymen S which doesn't have them. Seems like a good idea, extra protection for the radiator.
  17. Installed Sould Performance Products Full competition exhaust last weekend

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    I have been looking at exhaust options to replace my stock exhaust with 70K miles on it. CEL light kept coming on and I just didn't like the sound of it at low RPM. Decided on the Soul exhaust package after a lot of research on youtube! They are also about 20 minutes north of where I work...
  18. Porsche Tracker PVTS FOB issue

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    Insurance company require this. I know it defeats the object but I would like to attach the fob to my keyring and remove when appropriate. Otherwise I will forget it. Therefore, I would like to drill a small hole in it, but which corner without damaging internals? I don't want to put it in an...
  19. Boxster ragtop

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    This may sound like a dumb question. I remember way back when, when you had a ragtop and washed the car, you were supposed to wait a while before putting the top down due to material shrinkage. Is this still an issue with ragtops like my 09 Boxster?
  20. M3 owner orders new Sachs clutch from Amazon, gets Formula 1 clutch instead

    Automotive Off Topic
    Why can't things like this ever happen to me when I buy from Amazon? The best thing I've ever had misdelivered to me was an Apple TV 4K. Ordered new Sachs clutch kit from Amazon, this is what I got - BMW M3 (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3 | F80/X)