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  1. 718 Chat
    All: Does anyone here have experience with H&R lowering springs? I'm looking at dropping a non-PASM car a bit, and was looking at various options. Specifically, interested how harsh(er) the ride becomes, if at all. Thx!
  2. 981 DIY Discussion
    Have 14 981 base (Black) and looking to have the calipers painted in red. Pinged the shops in the town. One gave me $600 quote and the dealer quoted $3500! Thinking of going DIY route. I want to paint them without removing it. Any pointers? Looking for some DIY write up with step by step...
  3. U.S. Northeast (Nor'Easters) Region
    Hi all, I'm approaching 1yr ownership of the Cayman, and am looking for a good independent mechanic for my oil change, brake fluid flush, etc. I'm located in Westfield, so would prefer one in central NJ, although I am willing to travel further for a good shop. FWIW I am looking for a shop that...
  4. 718 Chat
    I had noticed a teaser site for the GT4 came and went and thought today I'd check on it and it was back. Nothing new, but the fact it has returned means maybe we are closer to some more concrete info than spy shots and conjecture? I...
  5. 981 Chat
    Looking for a clean 981 Boxster S <25,000 miles 6-speed manual Heated seats BOSE Nice to have: X73 Sport Suspension Sport Seats Plus Sport Exhaust PM me with specs, pics, and asking price.
  6. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Looking to score some used 19 inch OZ leggera hlts from anyone looking to offload them. Lmk!
  7. 981 Chat
    Looking to score some used 19 inch OZ leggera hlts from anyone looking to offload them. Lmk!
  8. U.S. Southern Region
    Just moved from Ct. to Stuart Fl. Looking for recommendations of good Independent in the area
  9. 987 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    I have a 2008 Cayman S. My headliner has fallen. Second time. First time was replaced under warranty. I am looking for suggestions on who I can take the car to for replacement/repair. Porsche dealer quoted $2500 before labor. Thank you in advance for your help. George
  10. Porsche Care and Detailing
    I recently purchased a 2013 Boxster that is very nice in virtually all aspects, except for the tired/worn looking seats. I've attached a picture that shows the front drivers seat. I've tried a few cleaners, including the Leatherique multi-day cleaning process. After doing all that, I've come...
  11. 987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    Vehicle is a 987.2 Cayman with Sound Package Plus. I'm looking to replace my PCM 3.0 head unit (which is running firmware v2.24). I've seen a lot of models and unsure which one to get. The fit guide on Pioneer's website doesn't give too much of any idea of what size I should look for. I'm...
  12. Porsche Sales & Leasing
    Looking for 981 or possible a 987 Cayman, prefer manual. Going to be doing an engine swap so looking for something with a blown motor. Rest of car should be in decent shape (cost should match condition). Not looking for a beater/race car.
  13. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Has anyone purchased a 3.8 DFI engine from vision motorsports? Looking into a engine swap.
  14. 987 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    So today the weather was nice and I went out for a drive, tried to lower the top and it just stayed put though the rear clamshell opened and the motors whirred. Looking around in there it looks like there is a lever with a plastic ball on it that is broken and those levers are just flopping...
  15. 718 Chat
    When I ordered my 718CGTS, my dealer forgot to add PEC delivery. However, as compensation they were nice enough to give me a $600 gift certificate to the PEC here in Los Angeles. Been looking at the experiences offered and there are quite a few to choose from. Looking for recommendations...
  16. 718 Chat
    Okay, might sound crazy to many but I’m looking to trade my basically new 19” classic wheels for some 20” wheels. I currently have my 18” winters on and the 19” are in storage. I have the ones that come stock on the 718BS. Mine only have maybe 1000 miles on them so they are in perfect shape. If...
  17. 987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Hi All, Just picked up my 987.2 base 2.9L Cayman and loving it so far. I do have to say it is very quiet compared to my previous 981 base with K&N filters & FVD exhaust. Already have a SOUL catback coming my way but I am just as big a fan of induction noise as I am exhaust noise so looking for...
  18. News Items What does it mean to drive a Porsche? Planet-9 is giving away Free Insider memberships to anyone who responds to this topic thread with a reply about how they feel about owning and driving a Porsche. To qualify the...
  19. Porsche Care and Detailing
    Hi Guys, Looking to install a clear bra on our 981 Cayman GTS. Suffering sticker shock on a quote I received ($2,500 for front end for full hood and fenders + $250 behind the wheels + $590 for rocker panels). Thoughts? What have you installed? What is a fair price for this service? I am in...
  20. Porsche Sales & Leasing
    hello Everyone, I am new to this forum. looking to buy a 2013-15 boxster S, <20K miles , $40-50k price range, preferably manual Trans/20S carrera wheels need help with few questions: 1. i understand that the warranty might be over or close to being over. if i find a car at a non-porsche dealer...
1-20 of 99 Results