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  1. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    I heard a scratching sound from one of my fan blades and reached up inside and there was a metal clip that I assume attaches to one of the blades which had come loose and got jammed in between the blade and housing, it was all bent up but the blades seem ok.Do I need to replace it? I have no...
  2. 718 Chat
    Has anyone had trouble with a license plate frame interfering with the rear camera? I just moved from a temporary plate to a metal plate yesterday and it seems to show up in the field of view. I was thinking of getting some sort of frame so it's not bare metal against the car, but I thought it...
  3. 987 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    Who here has had a block damaged by a metal water pump impeller ??
  4. 981 DIY Discussion
    If you have looked at or worked on your Cayman you may have noticed the strange-looking round metal cylinders in several places. I had some parts replaced as part of repairs from an accident and decided to cut one of those apart to see what is inside. See below. It is tightly packed metal mesh...
  5. Pistol Petes Boxster Board
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. Please help. I just did oil change on my 2001 boxster, and found some metal particles on the filter. My car had LN engineering IMS bearing updated not long ago. Is this normal wear or IMS bearing failure ? Thank you
  6. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    So my 2009 Cayman, always garaged, always carefully parked, never eaten in, with 31,000 (yes, I do drive it, just not a daily), was the victim of a metal plate skidding across the freeway in Burbank. Appeared from underneath the car in front of me. There was no way to avoid it. I was kind...
  7. 981 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    Hello All. My 2015 Boxster S has the keyless entry system. So if the battery goes dead, and the car is locked, the only way into the car is to use the spare metal key. I have tried to remove the key from the "shaped like a Porsche" electronic key. In the manual, it shows sliding the little...
  8. 981 Chat
    Took a lil day trip yesterday and wound up with a pretty good sized chunk of metal in my tire. I was driving over the Bear mountain bridge and the TPMS alerted me to a rapidly deflating tire. Luckily there a scenic over look and I pulled in there. Saw a piece of metal in my passenger side...
  9. 981 Chat
    I noticed some nylon strings hanging out of my top when it was closed and then did some investigation. I stopped the top half way through the closing operation and snapped these photos. The first one shows the correct design. The nylon strings are held onto the metal bracket through a metal...
  10. 987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Hi, On my 987 the metal trim that runs across the back of the engine has separated from the plastic it "wraps". I can't see how it was ever attached, no sign of any clips or adhesive. In fact just getting it to cover the plastic again is fairly difficult and takes a fair bit of pressure. Anyone...
  11. My

    my "new" 07 cayman
  12. Blue Boy

    My second Porsche
1-12 of 14 Results