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  1. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    Pair of PS4S tires, 265/35/19 They have seen about 6k miles and still have some tread left. Fairly evenly worn. No patches or repairs. $150 + shipping
  2. PORSCHE Cars FOR SALE/WANTED (Members Only)
    Car is now for sale...see full ad above.
  3. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    Hello All, Phil from Fabspeed Here! ​​​​​​​10% off all Porsche products and a free Fabspeed Tee-shirt!
  4. 987 Cayman/Boxster Chat 2005-2012
    Everything I've read online says it's a T55, but my calipers have allen head bolts holding them on... Short of buying every size and returning what doesn't fit, I'd like to at least know before I go to the store. The largest allen socket I had at home was a 6mm and it was far from fitting.
  5. 981 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2013-2016
    I had my car in Germany for some Nurburgring trackday shenanigans (more on that in a different thread later) and had a boatload of time to waste before catching a ferry to Helsinki the next day. So I used the opportunity to get my car onto the MAHA dyno at MTO engineering that is used by the...
  6. 981 Cayman/Boxster Pictures and Video 2013-2016
    My first post so I hope its a good one! If anyone is interested in touring around Scotland or maybe driving the NC500 then this may be of interest. I've linked a couple of amateur videos documenting 2 x Boxsters (981 S) touring the west coast and mountain resorts. The cars covered circa 850...
  7. 987 Cayman/Boxster DIY, Service, Repairs 2005-2012
    After installing braided SS brake lines, new rotors and power bleeding the brakes, I’m wondering if my brake master cylinder is suddenly failing. I’d like to hear your thoughts. I have 105k miles on my ‘11 987.2 base Cayman 6MT. Brake pedal travel has always been a bit long (like others have...
  8. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    My personal Likes and dislikes of the 718 Like: -Grip and handling are fantastic. -In gear acceleration -The styling, I do love how these things look. -I actually like the engine starting sound when you hit the Sport button before starting the engine. -All the options you can pick and...
  9. 981 Cayman/Boxster Problems & Complaints 2013-2016
    Today I left my garage after filling up one bar on the oil gauge, did notice that the rpm counter was bit fluctuating.. But thought that this was perhaps related to a cold engine, so I started my round trip of 200miles with a half way stop. So after the half way stop, +- one hour, I started her...
  10. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    Phil from Fabspeed here. Do you like the exhaust sound from your 718. We have received a lot of reviews from the 718. Most of them are about the outstanding performance and styling. The one issue that we have heard is about the sound. Porsche did a great job turning the 4 cylinder into...
  11. 981 Cayman/Boxster DIY, Service, Repairs 2013-2016
    Hi, I just got my first Cayman S, 2014 year model and it is a very cool car! I imported it for EU country and in order to get my home-country (Finland) license plates, the national inspector will need to check the VIN in the documents, under front window and in the car body... I was already on...
  12. U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region
    Fabspeed will be hosting a cars and coffee at our shop 155 Commerce Drive, Fort Washington, Pa 19034
  13. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    718 Peeps -- I installed the Porsche OEM Short Shift Kit ( a few weeks ago. It's pretty awesome, definitely worth the $250. Thought I'd provide a quick report: I DIY'd the install and it was drama free. Anyone with patience and a few tools...
  14. 981 Cayman/Boxster Porsche Chat 2013-2016
    Just picked up my 13 Boxster with the pcm Nav. iPhone 8 linked fine, makes and receives calls, plays music. I can also hit the iPhone home button and ask Siri for directions through the car’s system. However, once the phone starts navigation, I cannot hear the turn-by-turn directions from the...
  15. 987 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2005-2012
    I'm contemplating carbon vs. painted center console to replace my sticky OEM console. If I had a brighter colored exterior like Guards Red or white it would be a no brainer to get it painted to match exterior, but my car is Meteor Grey and I am a bit hesitant as to how that would look. Does...
1-15 of 164 Results