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  1. 987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    I'm contemplating carbon vs. painted center console to replace my sticky OEM console. If I had a brighter colored exterior like Guards Red or white it would be a no brainer to get it painted to match exterior, but my car is Meteor Grey and I am a bit hesitant as to how that would look. Does...
  2. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    So i want to have my console painted, i contacted Erik at My car is Meteor Grey metallic, with black accent with the stripes/wheels/splitter. and Red S's and calipers. im thinking of doing the Console Red. or should i keep it Body color (meteor Grey) ?
  3. Nice Old 911

    Nice Old 911

  4. The Pros Play In The Cayman R's

    The Pros Play In The Cayman R's

  5. Rear View

    Rear View

  6. Yep, That Says 914-8...

    Yep, That Says 914-8...

  7. My Instructor's '74 911 Targa

    My Instructor's '74 911 Targa

  8. Cayman R

    Cayman R

  9. My Cs Cools It In The Shade

    My Cs Cools It In The Shade

  10. Turn 1

    Turn 1

  11. Old School Audi

    Old School Audi

  12. Cayman R On Track

    Cayman R On Track

  13. John & Della's Cs

    John & Della's Cs

  14. The Last 968

    The Last 968

  15. Croc'ed's Track-attack Vehicle

    Croc'ed's Track-attack Vehicle

  16. Chris Gets Ready To Head Out

    Chris Gets Ready To Head Out

  17. Nice 914

    Nice 914

  18. Another Turn 1 Shot

    Another Turn 1 Shot

  19. My Cs

    My Cs

  20. The Gang Talks Shop

    The Gang Talks Shop