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  1. 987.1 OEM waterpump and thermostat

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    I'm selling my 987.1 Cayman S and bought the waterpump and thermostat from Pelican a while back but never did the swap. Selling for $250 (total costs is about $350 without the discount I have). I'm based in the DC area. Will ship but not for free. OEM BorgWarner Thermostat with cover and...
  2. FS: Porsche OEM under-seat fire extinguisher

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    I purchased a 2006 Boxster S which came with the OEM fire extinguisher. I've removed it and put it up on eBay if anyone would like to bid on it. As I understand, this is the same part for all of 986/996, 987/997, 981/991 modern cars. I have the...
  3. Black Leather OEM Heated Seats from 987 Cayman S

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    Selling a pair of OEM Black Leather Heated Manual Seats from my 2006 Cayman S with 53k miles. These have the electric adjustment for recline and manual adjuster for fore/aft and vertical movement. The side airbags are intact and everything functions properly. Only selling because I bought...
  4. Stock OEM Cayman S brake pads (front and rear)

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    SOLD - For Sale: front and rear OEM brake pads removed from my 2006 Cayman S with about 1,000 miles. The prior owner installed these just before selling and I removed them just after purchase. They have +/- 1,000 miles on them - see pics. Front: Bosch part # 0986494265 $35 shipped to the...
  5. 981 OEM Taillights

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    Up for sale is a set of 981 OEM taillights. These are the "red" (non-GTS) style that came on the base 981's, were removed from a base '15 Cayman with <13K miles, and are in excellent condition. $250 plus shipping or pickup in the DMV. Pics upon request. Thanks.
  6. OEM Cayman Roof Rack for sale $400

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    This rack has been great to me. It is the OEM system which carries a payload of up to a maximum of 165 lbs. and can be combined with a range of attachments. Complete with security caps and locks for optimum anti-theft protection. Rear hatch opening may be partially reduced when carrying longer...
  7. Just Released - Vertini RF1.7 Rotary Flow Wheels - See it first here TEAM VIBE

    Vibe Motorsports
    Manufacture Info: VERTINI WHEELS were born from an obsession to create styling wheels by deploying craftsmanship and technology to the highest standard and settling for nothing less than absolute perfection. Thus, Vertini wheels embody the finest elements that luxury wheel can possess. These...
  8. OEM or After Market Trim for Aluminum Interiro Trim Pieces?

    718 Chat
    I know Nick Murray referenced it once, but I wonder if the aluminum trim pieces that are on the dash middle and doors, whether you can get aftermarket or OEM parts to get them in leather? I know you can spec that leather option during a build, but is it possible to buy just the trim parts after...

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Need to replace your old TPMS sensors? Replace them with OEM HUF TPMS Senors (433 MHz) for your 981 Boxster or Cayman. Available on our website for $93 ea. and save when you purchase four! OEM HUF INTELLISENS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor – 433 MHz (RDE011) *Only with I482 (433...
  10. 2Forge wheels - cheap ultra light

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Anyone have experience with these wheels? Is possible to order with custom ET so to match OEM offset Rotary Forged 2Forge ZF1 Wheels-18inch from only 8.35kg - £215.00 : (UK), Race and Rally Cars, Motorsport Parts and Spares for Sale
  11. All New Stance SF07 Rotary Flow Light Weight Design - FREE SHIPPING !

    Vibe Motorsports
    All New for 2018 from Stance Wheels. Stance SF07 Dual Gunmetal Finish Model: SF07 Sizes: 19x8.5 & 19x9.5 20x9 & 20x10.5 Finish: Dual Gunmetal Finish, Brush Silver Construction: Rotary Flow (Rotary Forged) Bolt Pattern: OEM Center Bore: OEM We do offer Wheel & Tire Packages with all leading...
  12. Vertini Wheels Light Weight Series RF1.1 RF1.2 RF1.3 RF1.4 RF1.5 RF1.6 - Porsche

    Vibe Motorsports
    Manufacture Info: VERTINI WHEELS were born from an obsession to create styling wheels by deploying craftsmanship and technology to the highest standard and settling for nothing less than absolute perfection. Thus, Vertini wheels embody the finest elements that luxury wheel can possess. These...
  13. Updated - VS Forged Full Forged Series Line Up - Starting at $2399.00 a set

    Vibe Motorsports
    Wheel Construction: 6061-T6 Full Forged Aluminum Center Bore: Custom ( OEM ) Bolt Pattern: Custom ( OEM ) Available Wheel Diameters: 18's 19's 20's 21's 22's Finishes: Brush Titanium & Custom Finishes Built Time: 4-6 weeks Key Features: -Clears Brakes without Spacers -Unique 30 Degree Angle...
  14. Street Tire Pressures for non-OEM Tire Sizes

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    I put 245-275/35R19 tires on the stock 19" rims. Should I be using inflation pressures/TPMS settings for OEM 19" summer tires (235-265/40R19 w/ 29psi F/30psi R) or the OEM 20" summer tires (235-265/35R20 w/ 33psi F/33psi R inflation pressures), or maybe run the 20" "comfort" setting which is...
  15. 981 Upgrade OEM Speakers (non-Bose)

    981 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    Hi! I have a Cayman GTS with the Sound Plus Package. I already upgraded the headunit, and installed the Alpine wireless Carplay (100% recommended). Now I would like to upgrade the OEM speakers to something better. I don't know if adding an amplifier is needed, but the speakers are not...
  16. OEM Rear rotors vs. Brembo

    987 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    I'm doing the legwork on the parts and supplies that I'm going to need to do my rear brakes this spring. Was looking at Pelican Parts and see that rear rotors for my 987.2 Boxster Base are $157.50 for Porsche, $138.50 for OEM, and $82.75 for Brembo. What gives with the Brembos costing so much...
  17. Windblocker

    981 Chat
    'Afternoon everyone, My car currently has the OEM windblocker. I've owned dozens of convertibles and always get wind blockers for them. The 981's blocker seems a bit lack luster in it's effectiveness. I see that Suncoast has a plexiglass version (like that that came in the 986 and 987). Does...
  18. Boxster Caymen X-pipe

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Are you looking for an easy way to spruce up the look and performance of your Boxster/Cayman for the New Year? Our Porsche Boxster/Cayman X-Pipes with Carbon Fiber Dual Tips is a cost effective upgrade that truly adds power and a much better look than the stock OEM Porsche muffler tips. Our...
  19. NEW 2007 Cayman S 987.1 AOS replacement DIY

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Hey everyone, Every thread I've found regarding a step-by-step DIY install/replacement of the AOS for the 987.1 seems to be too old and the pictures are all nullified. Can anyone share a post or give a step-by-step? Actually a list of tools needed would be even more amazing. I've ordered the...
  20. 718 S max rear tire size

    718 Chat
    I find it interesting that although the OEM rear wheel choices for the 718 vary from 9.5 x 18 to 10.5 x 20, the rear tire size remains unchanged at 265 mm? Looking at the info supplied on the TireRack web site, it appears that my OEM tire (Eagle F1) in 265/35-20 is best fit on a 9.5" wide...