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  1. 2014 2015 2016 porsche cayman 981 oem front bumper assembly

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    SOLD this item.
  2. window switch replacement

    981 DIY Discussion
    After several months of the d. side window button sticking if finally came off as I pulled it. Where can I get a replacement?
  3. Plugs at 31k

    981 DIY Discussion
    I installed catless headers today and decided to change plugs and coils (much easier if the exhaust manifolds are off). How do these 31k plugs look?
  4. 10% OFF REMUS Exhaust Systems

    Flat 6 Motorsports
    We're running a 10% off all Remus Exhausts through the end of August. As always, we provide free shipping in the U.S. Shop: Code: REMUS19 987: 981: 718:
  5. ► APEX | 18” SM-10 Porsche Wheel Group Buy - Up to $300 OFF + Free Shipping

    APEX Race Parts
    APEX 18” Porsche Wheel Group Buy Save up to $300 OFF a set + Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. Back by popular demand, we are happy to announce our mid-season community Group Buy. We developed the 18” SM-10 Porsche wheel line a couple of years ago to meet the diverse needs of the Porsche...
  6. 2018 Leftover Inventory is huge.

    718 Chat
    What will happen with the 2018 leftover 2018 inventory? On just Autotrader there are over 250 718 in various configs. Plus, the used market is bursting open with very low mileage 718 cars. Is is time to pursue $25k to $30k off a $85 to $95k 718? These cars have been sitting for 400 or more days...
  7. Celebrate President's Day with Fabspeed!

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    Hello All, Phil from Fabspeed Here! ​​​​​​​10% off all Porsche products and a free Fabspeed Tee-shirt!
  8. Apex Wheel Group Buy!

    Arcflash LLC
    Apex has a group buy going and the savings are big! Now is perfect time to get ready for the track season. The SM-10 is a strong, lightweight, proper width and offset wheel with an affordable price tag. The SM-10 is available in 8.5-12 widths with various offsets. A good starting point for...
  9. Blackvue Power Magic Pro + 718 Boxster

    718 Chat
    Has anyone successfully gotten a Blackvue dashcam with Power Magic Pro working in their 718? Mine works fine but shuts off about 30 minutes after the car is turned off. I'm tapping the cigarette lighter for constant power and verified that when the camera shuts off the lighter is still powered...
  10. Annual Fabspeed Holiday Sale

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    15% OFF: Tips 10% OFF: Exhaust Products 5% OFF: Intakes, Apparel, and Everything Else FREE GIFT: Included in every Purchase of $200 or more
  11. ► APEX | Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale / 10% OFF ALL Wheels & More!

    APEX Race Parts
    This promotion has expired, Happy Holidays. - Team APEX
  12. Fabspeed Motorsport| Black Friday Sale!!!! Up to 20% off

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    This is the Black Friday sale you’ve been waiting for! Up to 20% off starts NOW! Fabspeed Motorsport’s annual Black Friday sale is now live! Celebrate Black Friday with Fabspeed's biggest sale of the Year! ​​​​​​​ Details: Runs until the end of the month 20% off of all tips 15% off of all...
  13. Cobb 10% off holiday sale!! **once a year**

    Arcflash LLC
    Hey guys, COBB is having their annual holiday sale and now through the 26th you can save 10% on any COBB products. If there's something you want and it's not on our site shoot me a PM, email [email protected] or call at 503-575-6317 and we'll get you taken care of! Use "COBB-10" to receive...
  14. Apex SM-10 for Porsche

    Arcflash LLC
    Apex, who is already a vendor on here, has developed a wheel specifically for us! The SM-10 is a strong, lightweight, proper width and offset wheel with an affordable price tag. The SM-10 is available in 8.5-12 widths with various offsets. A good starting point for street and track use is the...
  15. SOUL | 987.1 Headers and Exhaust September Special

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Now through September 30th enjoy 15% off SOUL Competition Headers and 10% off our Performance Exhaust. Competition Package pricing has dropped even further as well. For more information about exhaust suite: Soul Performance Products - 987.1 Exhaust and Headers Showcase IN STOCK AND READY...
  16. Lawn Mower and a 911

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    So, I was mowing the lawn yesterday with my 15 year old YardMaster - never changed the oil or serviced the blades and only changed the air filter once, yet it worked fine and started usually on the first or second pull, even after sitting for the winter - -when yesterday the blade comes flying...
  17. Just dropped off the Cayman...

    TPC Racing General Forum
    Met Harris, Tom, and Mike today from TPC as I dropped off my car for the turbo install. What a great group of guys. Really looking forward to picking up my car and seeing the difference.
  18. Autocross PSM/suspension questions

    981 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    I'm an experienced autocrosser, but am trying to figure out the best approach for solving a couple of issues. The lot we're currently running in is pretty uneven with lots of dips and a few significant bumps. I'm currently running on a stock PASM suspension with Hoosier A7s and find that in...
  19. Tesla Model 3 Beats Boxster to Win Time Attack Event

    Automotive Off Topic
    This was the "base" model, not the performance model that just started rolling off the line. The boxter in the picture looks like a 718 but the article doesn't mention what one it was. I don't know if this is a...
  20. 2005 Cayenne S pano roof sunshade off track

    Cayenne and Macan Chat
    My 2005 Cayenne s has the ever problematic pano roof. Today when retracting the sunshade it made a loud pop noise and the driver side came off the track! Upon further inspection the drives side slide that goes inside the bar that is the front part of the sunshade has broken off and the sun shade...