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  1. FRIEND functionality

    Community Help
    A search on the forum located for me a topic on how to send a "friend' request or to accept or decline one. But what, exactly, does the "friend" feature DO? What does that accomplish better than me sending someone a PM or them sending me one? Jokes posting "Apparently Larry does not have a lot...
  2. Has anyone used Plasti-dip on engine vents?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    I can get some engine vents for both driver and passenger side of my 987, primed, ready to paint. I just wanted to know if anyone, instead of painting them, has used Plasti-dip paint on primed parts? My concern is that I know one vent really doesn't do a whole lot but the other one may get hot...
  3. New guy with 08 Boxster base

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Jamie I just purchased an 08 Boxster. Really enjoying the car so far. Does any one have input on nice sport exhaust? Thanks in advance Jamie
  4. can a large Monster Energy coffee drink cause Aspergers Syndrome?

    General Off-Topic
    ...and more to the point, can alcohol cure it? Last night was my "Monday", and in spite of my best efforts, I went to work on only two hours of sleep. For reasons that mystify me, and in spite of my seniority, I not only didn't get my preferred beat, I was assigned to a beat downtown that I...
  5. Post the best engine sound you can find - flat-6 thread

    Automotive Off Topic
    Given all the 718 sound fuzz I always wanted to know what you folks consider to be a great sounding car. I made two threads. This one is for flat-6 engines - everything else I would like you to post over in the other thread...
  6. Any Benefit Going to Dealer?

    Porsche Sales & Leasing
    About ready to pull the trigger and buy a 2014 Boxster. Similar spec'd cars, one at dealer, one from PCA member. Any benefit to buying through the dealer as opposed to a private party? Thanks for the help.
  7. Whine for the Day

    General Off-Topic
    You got a whine for the day? This is you place to put it. ------------- So today we went to one of those family restaurant parks. You know these places - they are all over America. There were multiple choices. We went to the first one with only a few people seated, went to the receptionist...
  8. SUV Dilemma

    Automotive Off Topic
    NISSAN PATROL 24 hours ago I was determined to pass by Nissan's dealer next week and pick up a Patrol. After all it's as reliable, as hardcore, as trouble-free and as cheap-to-maintain as my ex-Land Cruiser. And priced at 60k USD. There's nothing else currently in the market with such price to...
  9. Help make my kid's home a bit safer (for all you folks with kids at college)

    General Off-Topic
    Hey peoples, can you do a me a solid and sign an online petition? There was a girl murdered at the University of Texas this week. The girl was a close friend and classmate of one of my daughter's close sorority sisters. After she was killed, she was dumped into a creek behind the dorm my...
  10. tire question.Help!

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    i replaced my two new rear tires on 4/ my rear right one starts losing air after i added up air to the right tire pressure. I thought it might be the nails on the tire cause the problem,so i took the car to the amerca's shop. they checked the tire tread and only 3.5/32 left, my question...
  11. Has anyone installed Fabspeed headers on a 2.7?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Anyone tried Fabspeed headers on a base 2.7 retaining the stock exhaust? Not interested in trying another performance exhaust because I'm convinced they all drone - of course with the exception of PSE. You may recall my experience with this one... Quite honestly, the stock exhaust on the...
  12. Has anyone actually USED a Porsche umbrella?

    General Off-Topic
    My wife has a busted umbrella and needs a new one. I now also have a busted umbrella and need a new one. I might be ably to McGuyver mine back together but probably not. I don't buy cheap $5 umbrellas. They both probably cost $20 or so and I've had mine at least a couple years. So here's...
  13. National Humane Society Raffle Warning

    Automotive Off Topic
    I wanted to alert members to something I found very unsettling! I recently received an email from Autoweek (owned by Crain Communications) that was requesting I buy raffle tickets for something known as the National Human Society. Raffle tickets are $100 each, supposedly they only sell 2999...
  14. Two 2013 Boxster S, PDK and Manual, need your opinion

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    I'm checking out 2 boxster S, both 2013, same price and around 22K miles, one has PDK and the other is manual, i have a cayman s with manual trans the truly enjoy driving, I cant decide which one to buy PDK or Manuel, what you guys suggest. PDK is in yellow color and Manual is white color. both...
  15. TPC Turbo?

    U.S. Texarkana Region
    Anyone in Houston with one?
  16. At last a Ducatti I can afford

    Automotive Off Topic
    I should be able to get my feet on the ground with this one too Ducati reveals its cheapest motorcycle yet - the £25 Meccano Monster
  17. "Night Moves", or "All Summer Long"?

    General Off-Topic
    Although my age places me in between Robert C. Seger and Robert J. Ritchie, and although I like both songs, "Night Moves" is the one that I find most compelling. Ironically, Seger was only 31 when "Night Moves" was released. They story sounds like that of a much older man. I'm 53, and I still...
  18. Cayman S Looking for a used Cayman S 3.4 engine

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    I blew my engine at my first DE with my '08 Cayman S yesterday. Sounds like a rod, so I am now looking for a replacement engine. If you have one or know of one, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] Best, - Harvey
  19. Brand new GT4, well optioned, $89,000 (really)

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    I was shocked to see my local dealer has a couple of GT4s and a Spyder in "inventory" (which may mean they haven't yet arrived). The price for the one I like: $118,760 (Can.)...or $89,059 U.S at today's exchange rate. Why aren't Americans all over this? Yes, there would be 2% duty on top of...
  20. The People vs OJ (AKA now I KNOW I am old)

    General Off-Topic
    Currently being shown as an ancient history lesson on FX as a ten part series. Watching that and remembering it live - NOT the same thing as watching a dramatization on TV. This lets you know how old you are when you hear others talking about it as Ancient History, something lost in the annals...