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  1. Four questions/food for thought

    General Off-Topic
    I'm curious how others answer these questions. I'm ok sharing my answers if that matters. Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: independence or respect for elders? Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: obedience or...
  2. 911R Any interest?

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    Put my name on the list hours after the announcement. 2nd in line and doubt I will be able to get one.
  3. Financial Questions - Who are our Financial Gurus here???

    General Off-Topic
    I was looking over some ROTH IRA offerings from different financial companies today and trying to compare fees. One of the companies had a flat 5% fee on all money put into the ROTH IRA. So if you put $1000 in, they immediately assess a 5% fee ($50) with the money goes into the IRA. I...
  4. Advice needed

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    A local dealer has one allocation available and I have sent them the build code. Date to lock in options is 03/03 plus or minus. Financing is not an issue. Like any other dealer in CA and for any first time pcar owner, I'm looking at 12.5-15K ADM, which I understand. The issue I'm having is...
  5. First Aid Kit

    981 Boxster Spyder Chat
    Been lookimg about the car and didn't notice one... do they come with one in a special place like Audi/Merc/BMW do? Or do you need to buy it from them? If so, any suggestions on best place to store it in the car/cabin? The passenger footwell storage net?
  6. The "say something *genuinely* nice about the 718" thread

    718 Chat
    I think what has gotten lost amongst all the hand wringing (myself included) over the new BoxCay cars is that regardless of one's opinion on its engines, the body and chassis are still upgrades to a genuinely fantastic Porsche product. I for one don't want to buy one, but I'm not planning on...
  7. Boxster! My first Porsche after all these years.

    981 Chat
    I just bought my first Porsche. A 2013 Black Boxster. I have wanted a Porsche and thought of owning one nearly every day since I was 12 years old. I am now 44 and finally pulled the trigger on one. I could not be happier!
  8. BMW i8

    Automotive Off Topic
    I was driving around Los Altos, California yesterday and got behind a BMW i8. That's the first one that I have seen "in person". Very interesting car!
  9. My Porsche Driving Experience @ Yas Marina Abu Dhabi

    911 Competition
    INTRO A story about GT3 RS's, GT3s, turbo's, one GT4 and every other 991 & 981 model under the sun along with one 997 GT2 and one 997 GT3... all met at Porsche Driving School @ Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I was there to get certified for Precision. I'll humor you through with few...
  10. Merrick Wheel Hanger (part # M998070) - Info and Pix

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Hello All, Had these track wheels stacked in the garage for a few months and thought there had to be a better way. After looking around, these wall mounted wheel hangers seemed to fit the bill. Cost is about $35-$40 each and one will hold two wheels/tires. Tires are 235/40/18 and 265/40/18...
  11. Any Interest in "3,4" Engine-Size Decal Group-Buy?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Hey all -- I am a Cayman S owner who is very keen on Porsche history, and because of this, I have been looking at ways to personalize my car to strengthen its historical roots; for example, I have ordered "Cayman R"-style "PORSCHE" script decals for the doors, a la the 911R of yore. One of the...
  12. Looks like the 718 is up on the Configurator

    718 Chat
    And it's listed as a 718 rather than a Boxster. Curious to see when the Cayman goes up, and how pricing compares both to 981 and 718. And will they list both under the 718, one as a roadster, one as coupe??
  13. Which Cayman would you choose?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Pictures & Video
    Hello everyone, I'm looking to pick up my first porsche. Which one would you guys choose? 1. 09 Cayman Base 47K Miles 2. 07 Cayman S 50K Miles Both cars have the same price of $29K. The Base has a better value in price but it's not an S. Please give advice or opinions if you were the...
  14. Its Scary out There!

    Automotive Off Topic
    Stumbled across this article by Anne Kingston in the Macleans publication. The most dangerous kind of distracted driving Scary stuff. Never know what can happen when we leave home! One thing that comes to mind for me is that when I get behind the wheel it means one thing......JUST...
  15. Another headliner fail and taillight "film" peeling.

    987 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    A couple weeks ago I noticed one of my taillights had peeling film/tint in it. I have the RS-60 all red tail lights. I was able to find one on e-bay that is in good condition for less than new but this was disappointing. Today I got in the car and the headliner is completely sagging! I've been...
  16. Dummy Porsche Key

    Automotive Off Topic
    Hi, Has anyone ever come across a site that sells dummy Porsche Keys (the new shape / model). I've tried eBay but there doesn't seem to be any. Why do i want one... i'd like to put one hanging up on a keyring bracket... right inside my front door, in the case of a burglary. If they find one...
  17. New guy...and a question or two

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Greetings all- I'm just a wanna-be Cayman owner at this point, but having one is on my bucket list. I've always appreciated the marque, but a Porsche has always been out of my reach. A new one is still out of the question (unless I win the lottery) but a 987.2 is probably do-able before too...
  18. Painful ordering of my Boxster

    981 Cayman and Boxster Configurations and Ordering
    Hi guys, I ordered my customized Boxster 3 months ago, and just got the confirmation that the dealer forgot to add Multifunction Steering wheel to the order, and the car is about to arrive in less than one month. The dealer offered to add the Multifunction Steering Wheel after factory, but they...
  19. 2003 Boxster top help

    Pistol Petes Boxster Board
    I picked up this black '03 Boxster to go along with my Cayman. It's in very good shape and I had it checked out from stem to stern. Runs very nice, but there is one problem. There is a rope, actually more like a string, that runs from one side of the top to the other up near where the top...
  20. Securing a GT4 Allocation

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Hello Planet 9! New here but am looking to finally make my dream come true and purchase a Cayman GT4. I have inquired about acquiring an allocation from a few Premiere Porsche Dealerships in the Los Angeles area. I've heard so many different things from so many different dealers that it's hard...