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  1. 718 Chat
    When I ordered my 718CGTS, my dealer forgot to add PEC delivery. However, as compensation they were nice enough to give me a $600 gift certificate to the PEC here in Los Angeles. Been looking at the experiences offered and there are quite a few to choose from. Looking for recommendations...
  2. 718 Chat
    Was wondering if anyone ordered their 718 with this steering wheel, and if so, are you happy with it?
  3. Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Barely visible, but still nothing to take chances on, right? I don't recall how it happened, but now that I do think of it, I did have to go to the gas station since the TPMS suddenly went off for that tire while driving. I already ordered a new set of front tires. Apart from the bubble, the...
  4. 718 Chat - The Largest Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman Forum And Community!'s time to hear from the guys and gals who put their money where their mouth is. Enough of the non-718 owner's judgemental BS. Sound off 718 Owner's...this one's for you. Brokaw1
  5. 987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Porsche Parts And Accessories - Classic OEM Porsche Parts - Porsche Parts and Accessories They are running a sale on everything. I ordered a deep sump kit, the same one Pedro's Garage sells for $500, but with the discount it was only $375. Sale is until the 22nd.
  6. 981 Cayman and Boxster Configurations and Ordering
    well, ordered my cayman gts in october, ( ordered one back in july, long story, dealer screwed up the paperwork,didnt get it) so ship auto atlas left germany almost 50 days ago, sat at the end of GB, going back and forth for 5 days before crossing the Atlantic for panama canal. went through...
  7. Cayman GT4 Ordering and Configurations
    I see a lot of debate about what options to add to an order, but I'm interested in hearing from GT4 owners now that you've had your car for awhile, what options(s) do you wish you would have ordered and didn't. Conversely if there is an option you ordered that now you wish you hadn't you can...
  8. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    finally ordered a CS back in October! The wait is killing me, but I knew that would be the case when I ordered :-/ One thing that my dealer cannot find out for me is if the CS is being built in Finland or with Magna Stey in Austria. Anyone out there know whats going on? :cheers:
1-8 of 9 Results