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  1. Porsche Panamera Fuchs Performance FP3 wheels

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    I have 2 sets of Porsche Panamera Wheels. They were made by Fuchs Performance. They are 9.5x22 et. 56mm and 11x22 et. 58mm. Fuchs Performance wheels are forged aluminum. The wheels are brand new and have never been mounted on a vehicle. You can take the one set to a local powder coater and have...
  2. Panamera PCM 3.1 hardware/software matrix

    Panamera Talk
    While searching for map and firmware updates for my Panamera, I found the following info that might save others some time. I knew I wasn't going to get V4.76, but I thought I might get V3.x, but it looks like I've got what I can get (V2.47). :( PCM 3.x Hardware versions PCM 3.0 was launched...
  3. Panamera AC Goes In and Out

    Panamera Talk
    The fan motor is going strong but almost no air is coming out of the vents. My local dealer claimed to have fixed it at a cost of $777, but it has returned. I have since moved a thousand miles away. What is it?
  4. Slightly used or high mileage for the mile muncher that I am?

    Panamera Talk
    Hi guys, I’m looking for a car to visit potential clients around Europe. I expect to drive around 125k KM in the coming three years. (= 40k KM a year). After that, I’d sell the car. My dream car is a 991S cab, but unless the majority here say GO FOR IT, it don’t think it’s a smart financial...
  5. Panamera spare wheel/tire question

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Are there any experts out there who can answer the following? I'm buying a new full-size front wheel/tire for my Panamera to be used as an emergency spare for long road trips. If a rear tire blows out, are there any issues that I should be aware of if placing that front spare on the rear axle...
  6. 718 Cayman/S as Highway Cruiser

    718 Chat
    Long-time Porsche owner here, including 987.2 that I've owned since I bought it new in January 2011. Now has 165,000 miles. Last week, I privately sold my 2015 991.1. Short list to replace: BMW 540i/M550i Porsche Panamera Porsche Cayman/S Criteria: Quiet highway cruiser Nice, comfortable...
  7. 2010-2012 Panamera 4.8L reliability

    Panamera Talk
    Hi All, I am about to purchase a 1 female owner Panamera 4s 2011 with 35k KMs on it. I am curious about its reliability, there is a warranty package from Porsche Centre in Hong Kong that costs around 4000USD for 2 years, but not sure if it's the same as the ones USA offers. I definitely set...
  8. Off topic - Panamera commercial

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Just saw a Porsche Panamera commercial on Fox Business pushing the Panamera Hybrid. Ironically, their background music was Dire Straits' "Money for Nothin'". Sounded nice, but maybe poor choice..... 8 )
  9. Diesel Emissions fix update

    Cayenne and Macan Chat
    Hs anyone with a 3.0 litre diesel Cayenne or Panamera heard anything recent about the date of repairs and/or price reviews for these cars? I haven't been able to discovery anything, even from the local Porsche shop.
  10. 981 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on 19 Inch Porsche Boxster Rim/Got Them

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Been reading the rave reviews with this tire. If I'm going to spend $1k+ for new tires, I want the best. Currently they don't manufacture the rear 265/40/19 in the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. I went with a 235/40/19 in the front, and 275/40/19 in the rear. So far so good. Much quieter than the...
  11. 2010 Panamera S Tranny

    Panamera Talk
    60,000-mile service requires new tranny fluid replacement before service if I downshifted to 1st gear and took traction control off she would redline then chirp a mean second gear. The fluid was replaced in the tranny drove the car around for couple days decided to downshift into 1st gear at a...
  12. PCNA sets April sales record

    Automotive Off Topic
    Panamera leads the way; all other models sold at levels below April 2016. Remarkably, the Panamera outsold the Box/Cay platform by nearly 2-1. Porsche Reports New All-time Record Sales Month in April
  13. Selling my 2011 Carrera GTS, 6-speed, Aerokit

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    It's time to sell the 911 (keeping the 987.2 Cayman). I'm in the queue for a 2018 ED 718 BS, but the 991.2s are looking pretty interesting, too. SALE PENDING 2011 Carrera GTS 6-Speed, Factory Aerokit Cup $57,000 U.S./$76,000 Can. Basalt Black Metallic Auto dimming mirrors Heated seats...
  14. Question on PSE operation

    981 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    I have a 2014 Cayman S and just had the PSE installed and the button programmed by a local dealer. For owners in the US with a similar set up, are you able to turn the PSE off (button is not active) when in Sport or Sport Plus modes? My car does not let me do this. I have seen a few Youtube...
  15. Porsche Choices

    Middle Eastern Forum
    Well, greetings everyone! my friend wants to buy a car and I hope you guys can help me. He wanted to buy a Porsche and he has 2 choices, the Panamera S Hybrid 2014 and the Panamera GTS 2014. Both are great looking cars but which one is better? What are the pros and cons? My friend has a 310k AED...
  16. Why panamera is a good choice?

    Panamera Talk
    I know there are a lot of sports car there but a panamera is one of my choice. I think it's a unique one that deserves a spot in you list
  17. porsche panamera pdk oil change

    Panamera Talk
    Hello Any suggestion how to change for porsche panamera Transmission oil PDk Thanks in advance
  18. FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | Panamera ECU Tuning-No ECU Removal Required

    Panamera Modifications
    As many of you may already know, we have a world class tuner here in house that does phenomenal work unleashing the performance potential hidden in the factory software. In addition to the Porsche platform he specializes in tuning near every make and model vehicle on the market. Whether it be a...
  19. FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | Cayenne/Panamera ECU Tuning-No ECU Removal Required

    Cayenne and Macan Modifications
    As many of you may already know, we have a world class tuner here in house that does phenomenal work unleashing the performance potential hidden in the factory software. In addition to the Porsche platform he specializes in tuning near every make and model vehicle on the market. Whether it be a...
  20. Houston indy - great experience at European Auto Techniks

    U.S. Texarkana Region
    I called Michael Crawley last week to ask about a DE inspection and he said to come in any time. I dropped by one day mid-morning and he stopped what he was doing to give my BS a quick look over and fill out the required form. He let me look around both buildings a bit, lots of old...