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  1. Bought another Boxster

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Hey all, Just bought another boxster this time a used '10 Boxster S, Porsche number i lost already installed little things to make it emblems, decals, plastidip the side vents, spyder wheels, alcantara steering and knob. Its a base S with heated seats.. I surely...
  2. Does Porsche owe me $250,000 ? (or more?)

    Automotive Off Topic
    I was watching an episode of Teslanomics (hosted by Ben Sullins) a couple of weeks ago wherein he disclosed that his Tesla referral code had now been used 50 times and as such he was getting a free $250,000 Tesla Roadster Founders Edition car from Tesla. For those who don't know about Tesla...
  3. New Member's 987 Arctic Silver w Sea Blue interior

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Greetings to all..I am a new owner of a 2008 Cayman. I purchased this car about a month ago after doing a lot of reading here and on other informational sites. I looked at many 987s mainly due to the price range of the car and selected this one for a few reasons. The other cars I currently own...
  4. SoCal Noob to 981 Boxster with questions

    U.S. West Region
    Hello. Socal members. I'm very noob to porsche and I just bought my wife a 2014 boxster base 3 days ago from dealership. It looks like its got all the services done before they put on the lot but I would feel better to get oil change even if dealership did. Where would be the good place to go...
  5. Missing data from Porsche website.

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    Does anyone know why the Porsche website is now missing most of the data on the various 911s? 0-60 times, length, width and other info is now marked "TBD." This is a change from what I saw a while ago when this info was listed.
  6. Need help with iPhone Siri navigation sound

    981 Chat
    Just picked up my 13 Boxster with the pcm Nav. iPhone 8 linked fine, makes and receives calls, plays music. I can also hit the iPhone home button and ask Siri for directions through the car’s system. However, once the phone starts navigation, I cannot hear the turn-by-turn directions from the...
  7. Visibility problems with GT Silver?

    Automotive Off Topic
    Any thoughts on the visibility of a Porsche in GT Silver? I have a Boxster and I wondered if it blends too well into the road. I know that it is almost camouflaged for misty, foggy or rainy conditions but I am trusting the bi-xenon headlights will keep me safe. A friend of mine thinks that...
  8. C&D 10 best

    718 Chat
    Car and driver named 718 Cayman/Boxster on its 2018 Ten best. Best quote: "one lap around our 10best loop is all it takes to divine how truly reliable the 718 chassis is; most editors use the Porsche as the benchmark for the rest of the week's driving".
  9. Wheel Spacers and Lug Studs!

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Schnell Autosports Wheel Spacers And Lug Studs! Widen your track for better traction and cornering, or to provide more clearance for wider tires, or to just make your car look better! Wheel spacers are available with either extended wheel bolts, or with Schnell Autosports' lug stud conversion...
  10. Off topic - Panamera commercial

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Just saw a Porsche Panamera commercial on Fox Business pushing the Panamera Hybrid. Ironically, their background music was Dire Straits' "Money for Nothin'". Sounded nice, but maybe poor choice..... 8 )