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  1. 987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    reposted in 981 forum, sorry
  2. 987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    Is there a way to change my 987.1's auto door locking without taking it to the dealership? I do not have Sports Chrono, and it's currently set up as Type 4 (see below) and would ideally like to switch it to Type 3. Also, which other things can be changed? I'd like it to honk when...
  3. 981 Chat
    I've always wanted Tire Pressure Measurement Option but my Cayman is base model and it doesn't have that. How can i install or get the TPM programming + software(dashboard screen)
  4. 718 Chat
    My Homelink is working only sporadically. I did a search of P9 posts and I see a number of people had problems programming their homelink. I didn't have a problem programming it, but it is very flaky. The garage door almost never goes up or down on the first try and often, never at all. I've...
  5. 718 Chat
    Anyone successfully program the HomeLink buttons to open a garage door? Our garage door opener is a Chamberlain/LiftMaster with rolling code. I have performed the steps at least 2 dozen times with no success. Tried the HomeLink, LiftMaster and Porsche instructions. FAIL! :( One weird thing...
  6. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    dealer want 470$ for changing ignition switch including programming, is that a good price ?
  7. 981 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    Hello fellow Porsche owners! So back in September I bought a slightly used 2014 Cayman S and as I was leaving the dealership I realized I had only been given one key. My salesman said he would order it, and so I went on my merry way. It took all while, but I did just receive the key, and...
1-7 of 7 Results