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  1. Girodisc Slotted Rotors Front and Rear 981

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    A set of Girodisc 2-piece rotors Front (340mm) and Rear (325mm) - $1000 Had 3 track days and about 5000 street miles on them.
  2. PFC 11 pads. 0776.11.17.44. New. $250

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    PFC 11 pads, part number 0776.11.17.44 Brand new. Never used. $250. Shipping and PayPal fees (none if friend/family/gift) additional. Fits following cars (per OG Racing): Boxster S (986) 1999-05 Front Boxster S (987) 2005+ Front Cayman 2009+ Front Cayman S 2006+ Front Porsche 996 3.4C...
  3. 718 Spyder visibility

    718 Chat
    I have a deposit down on a GT4 but am considering a Spyder. It is simply gorgeous and has a couple of street friendly options missing from the GT4. My concern, however, is over the top-up driving. The visibility looks horrendous and there is no lane change assist or any driver "aids" to make...
  4. Tire size question

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Would I be able to run 245 35 20 tires up front and 285 35 20 rear on a boxster GTS? Looking for a bit more grip.
  5. BGB 4-Point Harness Bar for Porsche Cayman - 981

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    BGB Motorsports 4-Point Bolt-In Harness Bar made of 1.5" *.095" DOM mild steel tubing. The unit REQUIRES NO MODIFICATION to the chassis, maintains 95% of factory rear view visibility due to lack of unnecessary rear x-braces that are solely for aesthetic purposes not rigidity and allows...
  6. Akebono Ultra Premium Ceramic Brake Pads REAR

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    New in the Box Akebono Ultra Premium Ceramic Brake Pads, REAR Part Number EUR917. 99-08 911, Boxster, Cayman Please confirm these will fit your application THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD. THANK YOU!!! 75.00 PLUS 5.00 shipping in the CONTUS.
  7. OEM Cayman Roof Rack for sale $400

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    This rack has been great to me. It is the OEM system which carries a payload of up to a maximum of 165 lbs. and can be combined with a range of attachments. Complete with security caps and locks for optimum anti-theft protection. Rear hatch opening may be partially reduced when carrying longer...
  8. max rear tires for 718s

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    hi i recently got a set of new wheels. i got a good deal on some volk te37 ultras. the specs are Front 19×8.5 offset 52 Rear 19×11 offset 53 im trying to get a set of tires for autox. i was leaning towards a set of re71r. the problem is that the sizes for the rear are on 285/35/19 or...
  9. 718 Rear Exterior-Rocker Molding removal

    718 Chat
    Only issue I've found so far on the C&D long term 718 BS I bought is that the rear rocker panels in the area below the air intakes look like they got sandblasted. The front of the car already had a clear protective film and looks pretty good still, so no issues there or anywhere else other than...
  10. 991.1 Brakes conversion for 981

    981 DIY Discussion
    Hi All. I'm doing brakes conversion on my bas 2.7. 981 cayman. front brakes fitted perfectly fine, but with rears I have some troubles. the stock 991 rear rotor has offset 75mm, but on the 981 the offest should be 67mm so the rear rotor can't fit without 8mm spacer between hub and rotor...
  11. Rear Hatch Sensor Failure?

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    Lately I've been unable to get the keyless rear-hatch sensor to recognize the presence of my hand to pop open the rear hatch (trunk?). I had no problems until the temperature started to drop here in the DC area. I'm wondering if that sensor detects heat from a hand and, in the winter with 40...
  12. 2017 Graphite Blue Porsche Cayman + Techart

    718 Chat
    2017 Graphite Blue Porsche Cayman 718 20in HRE Flowform FF01 in IPA Finish AWE Track Exhaust Techart Lowering Springs Cobb Tuning Numeric Shifter Techart Front Lip Techart Rear Diffusor OEM Black Spoiler Trim H&R 25mm Rear Spacers
  13. SPL Suspension Products

    Arcflash LLC
    SPL suspension is something we've had in the works and are really excited to now offer. Our website has been updated with their solid product lineup for our Caymans and 911s. SPL designs and manufactures their parts in the USA with certified material sourced in the USA. What's unique about...
  14. Replacement tire

    981 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    Hi Everyone. I put Michelin Pilot Sport 4S' on my Cayman this spring and have loved them for about 12,000 km. I recently took a road trip to PEI in Canada and hit a hard thing on the road which blew out the sidewall on the left rear. It took two days to get a new tire from Montreal but all is...
  15. Another Rear Cayman rattle- on the rear hatch trim against the glass

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    Another Rear Cayman rattle- on the rear hatch trim against the lid I've isolated another rattle from the rear of my 718 Cayman. The rattle is coming from the plastic trim part around the frame of the rear hatch. By inserting a piece of foam (see photos) I've stopped the rattle. Has anyone...
  16. 245/35-18 F and 305/35-18 Rear?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    Apologies for starting a new thread instead of posting in the other two tire threads, but I haven't seen any discussion that mentions this size. Found a custom-made set of wheels (9.5" front / 11" rear) that have these tires on a 981 GTS and they don't rub. Almost seems like too much rear tire...
  17. Pagids up front, OE in the rear?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    Is there any issue with using Pagids pads in the front and leaving the OE Textar pads in the rear? Front pads are worn so I need new - I'm ready for something more suited to DE than stock. Rear pads are fine, new last COTA DE with not much wear. What is the recommendation for Pagid material...
  18. Anyone get condensation in a side turn signal/indicator?

    718 Chat
    Hello, I know about condensation in the rear light cluster (I get that occasionally but it soon goes). However I have persistent condensation in my left side turn indicator housing. Is this to be expected like the rear lights or do I have a fault that should be replaced under warranty?
  19. DIYs??

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Is there a dedicated section for DIY on here for 987s? Wish there was, would make it a lot easier. I'm looking to replace a few items on a 987 - the ring around the headlight dial as it's all chipped, interior rear trunk panel where the door latch is, as it too is peeling, cigarette door...
  20. Track Minded Suspension Overhaul.

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    My Cayman is now 12 years old and has 103,000 miles (and 100% stock). Driving around town she feels fine, but I attended a HPDE at VIR last November and high speed floatiness and instability was a bit of an issue. In particular the car was not a fan of the Uphill Esses or the dip just after...